jesse james has cheated more than once

By brendon March 24, 2010 @ 12:43 PM


It was bad enough knowing the fat poser jackass Jesse James used to nail Janine Lindemulder and then married Sandra Bullock, who is worth 100 million dollars. Then we learned this cliche fag was cheating with a girl who, if nothing else, had to be awesome in bed. Now it turns out he was getting oral at work too, and not only that, he got it by using a line so lame, I’m shakin like Michael J. Fox from the douche chills. TMZ says…

a former female executive with West Coast Choppers settled a sexual harassment lawsuit against Jesse James and West Coast Choppers for more than $700,000 in 2007, while he was married to Sandra Bullock
The woman kept several suggestive emails from Jesse. In one email in 2007, which is included in the file, Jesse wrote to the woman, “Need anything before I split?” She responded, “Some Tums.” Jesse replied, “I have some special fluid that you can drink and it makes it all better ….”
And, she claims after an oral encounter with Jesse, she kept a telltale Clintonesque T-shirt.
The woman quit in 2007 and hired Gloria Allred’s law firm to represent her. No lawsuit was ever filed, but on September 27, 2007, the matter settled for $725,000.

“I have some special fluid you can drink”? God this dude is such a fuckin nerd. He dresses up like a tough guy and then plays make believe. He’s no different than the people who dress up as a wizard at the Renaissance fair.

Speaking of fashion, just so you know, the pictures below of jackass in the overalls were taken on the 20th, the 21st and the 23rd. Sure he could wear something else, but when he looks so handsome in these, why would he want to?

(image source = splash news online and inf daily)

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    Chubb_Norris 03/24/2010 12:46


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    Chubb_Norris 03/24/2010 12:47

    Jesse James is a mo’fuckin’ pimp!

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/24/2010 12:48

    oh wow, 10 pictures of him walking out of his garage. Fucking Riveting.

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    Chubb_Norris 03/24/2010 12:50

    At least he ain’t cryin like a bitch after fucking a bunch of skanks. (Tiger Woods)

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    SALAJ 03/24/2010 12:50

    If you are looking for a partner based on lifestyle and physical chemistry as well as personal beliefs and common interests, you may try ** ––** Good Luck:)

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    RedRage 03/24/2010 12:52

    It’s not like any mortal woman could resist throwing herself at him when he rocks those sexy ass coveralls. He’s had more whores clinging to his dick than Zebra mussels on the bottom of an oil tanker.

    PS. Mix in a salad you fat fuck.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/24/2010 12:55

    Why does Br3ndon call him a poser? The guy has been a real biker for over 20 years. He was a biker and built motorcycles before his successful discovery tv shows. The guy is a fucking craftsman. He’s a fabricator and a custom motorcycle builder. He’s got one of the biggest, well know shops in cali. His hands and clothes are dirty and greasy. Obvious signs that he still does hands on work in the shop, and not just a business manager. Say what you like, but this guy is legit. He’s wearing overalls for 3 days cause they were prolly work days you idiot. You accuse him of using cheezy lines when you type shit way more cheeze ridden and goofy here on a daily basis. Just shut the fuck up already and post some celebrity tits. This “poser” you hate on so much has made your site a lot of money.

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    SCUM 03/24/2010 12:56

    SCUM 03/24/2010 12:53

    ……. BREAKING NEWS……… A 2nd mistress of Jesse James has come forward and her name is Melissa Smith, and she is a tattooed skank. Meanwhile Michelle “Hitler Rules” McGee was just fired from Angry White Girl. You may no resume the sudo lesbo chit chat.

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    Barbarella 03/24/2010 12:57

    I wonder who Jesse will end up with next?

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    Watt 03/24/2010 12:58


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    Chubb_Norris 03/24/2010 12:58

    Salaj; I am looking for a partner based on her ability to unhinge her bottom jaw, as well as being able to accommodate a larger than average penis in her “dirty place”.

    Can you help a brotha out??

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    Chubb_Norris 03/24/2010 12:59

    I second that DDM. But he’s no Mickey Rourke.

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    ohmwrecker 03/24/2010 13:00

    What woman could resist that? He looks like a character from the Dukes of Hazzard.

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    SsnakeOil 03/24/2010 13:00

    Who is SALAJ?? Did they fire Jessica? I miss her.

    Gotta come around more often…

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    Woodsman 03/24/2010 13:01

    DDM = Jesse’s dad?

    And Ohm, from the previous thread, I respectfully disagree:

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    SuperB 03/24/2010 13:02

    flip top head, huh Chubs…

    I can’t do that, but I uh…dont have a gag reflex :)

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    RemSteale 03/24/2010 13:03

    I respectfully disagree too, Tricia Helfer is perfect

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    SinDs 03/24/2010 13:03

    wow, i didn’t realize he was carrying around a few extra pounds.

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    D. Znuts 03/24/2010 13:03

    Did I leave sexy ass Grace Park to look at this hillbilly? ORLY?

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    entropissed 03/24/2010 13:05

    The caption in image #4 lets me know that his dog’s name is Cinnabun.

    That’s some great investigative journalism there.

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