jesse james is really sorry


Sandra Bullock moved out of their house when she found out her husband Jesse James was cheating on her, but he's acting as if there might be some hope for their marriage. He was seen this morning wearing his wedding ring, and now he's issued an apology to People.

"The vast majority of the allegations reported are untrue and unfounded. Beyond that, I will not dignify these private matters with any further public comment. "There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me. It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way. "This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them. I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them. I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me."

Well, look, I think this guy is an idiot, but that is very definitely an apology. When someone says "I deserve everything bad that is coming my way", he knows he's fucked up and he's not pretending like what he did was ok. So you can't beat him up over this. But will it work? Who knows. Lots of unanswered questions. Such as, aren't Jesse and his sleeves and "choppers" due back in the 90s? Is he allowed to stay here in our time? How does that work?

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