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On Monday, people started to freak out because Howard Stern didn't realize everyone was supposed to ignore that Gabourey Sidibe is morbidly obese and has to wash herself with a rag on a stick. After a clip of him ended up on youtube, all the other fattys and outcasts banded together to stand up for her. Here is an artists conception of what that might have looked like.

Now Jessica Simpson has gotten involved, because she let herself go to hell too and instead of getting back in to shape she wants everyone to pretend like this is okay. E says...

"I'm actually surprised somebody had the cojones to say that," Simpson tells me from a New York City hotel. "I just think that's really disrespectful." "It's unfortunate because she walked the red carpet at the Oscars and she owned it," Simpson said of the Precious star. "She was beautiful. There was no denying that she did not think she was the most beautiful person on that red carpet. She was just owning that moment for herself. She had such confidence and I absolutely 100 percent think she could get anything in the world that she wants."

I agree. Just as long as everything she wants is on the first floor and within range of her Rascal. Or if she really wants diabetes and heart failure. Hopefully she doesn't want a 30th birthday or a conversation with someone new that isn't completely awkward, because those things aren't gonna happen.

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