ke$ha and her fug bikini need to go away

By brendon March 23, 2010 @ 4:24 PM


The first time I ever heard of Ke$ha was when she was running her mouth about Britney Spears lip synching (this). The second time was when Opie and Anthony took an unstable middle aged goblin with nothing resembling talent and had her sing ‘Tik Tok’ to prove that literally anyone on earth can be a pop star thanks to autotune (youtube).

Now, she (Ke$ha, not the goblin) is on a beach in Australia, and she needs to shut her mouth because she can’t sing, her body sucks and she’s fug as hell. Britney has sold over 85 million records and was the reason Megans Law went federal, so how does this nobody take shots at her. And as bad as Brit looks now, at least her ass isn’t square. I don’t mean to worry the good people of Australia, but I think Ke$ha might be a Transformer.

(now with jailbait britney pics starting here to prove my point. a pink tunnel, huh? subtle. ke$ha image source = pacific coast news)

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    Steffabulous 03/23/2010 16:26

    How can you hate her? She brushes her teeth with a bottle of Jacks. And puked in a closet.

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    SALAJ 03/23/2010 16:30

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    SCUM 03/23/2010 16:31

    I’d pork this pig.

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    DB's Treasure 03/23/2010 16:31

    “ke$ha and her bikini need to go away”, but every other thread about that ink covered slew can stay right here….

    ….the logic is insane

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/23/2010 16:31

    She is garbage. I can almost hear the gears of the industry turning in the background as they forcibly throw this no talent generic pop whore on to the masses hour after hour after hour. everytime i hear that florida song i want to stab this cunt in the throat to make her shut the fuck up. NEXT

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    Death to Finkle! 03/23/2010 16:32

    This post hurts me. That thing in the pics above can’t be the same hot little dirty girl I had as an avi not so long ago. I need to… set down.

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    Steffabulous 03/23/2010 16:33

    I’ve never seen an ass like that on a girl of that age. Give me a song to sing and shit. I’m convinced I could do it and I wouldnt use auto tune and my ass doesn’t droop into a triangle.

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/23/2010 16:33

    DFT, im thinking this might not be her. Doesn’t she have a dollar sign tattoo?

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    SCUM 03/23/2010 16:33

    DB, looks like the Flyers are going to the playoffs.

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    Observer 03/23/2010 16:33


    …..garbage or not…….those are some nice tits…..

    ….and the world of art needs more tits to be legitimatized……

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    Death to Finkle! 03/23/2010 16:34

    ASSosceles, Steff?

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    Watt 03/23/2010 16:35

    Isn’t that a one piece? Not a bikini

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    Death to Finkle! 03/23/2010 16:36

    Like that little one on this cow’s front right hoof in pics 2 and 3?

    /continues to sob

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    Steffabulous 03/23/2010 16:36

    That was pretty cute DTF. I like to think asses should be strictly spherical or circular. I don’t believe in new trends. I’m a classic person. Roundness.

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    Observer 03/23/2010 16:37


    ….if you agree to use auto-tune…….I will listen to anything you sing……

    …as long as you are naked….

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    SuperB 03/23/2010 16:37

    8 stitches later….uh what did I miss

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    Observer 03/23/2010 16:38



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    Death to Finkle! 03/23/2010 16:38×1024.jpg

    Stitch-a-whaaaa, Sup?

  19. avatar
    Observer 03/23/2010 16:38


    …another child?

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    Steffabulous 03/23/2010 16:39

    Done. Naked and auto tune. Now to write a song about something topical and stupid the kids will like: perhaps a song about my phone and how I dont want to pick it up? or my starbucks is cold?

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