ke$ha and her fug bikini need to go away

March 24, 2010 | beach | editor | 0 Comments

The first time I ever heard of Ke$ha was when she was running her mouth about Britney Spears lip synching (this). The second time was when Opie and Anthony took an unstable middle aged goblin with nothing resembling talent and had her sing ‘Tik Tok’ to prove that literally anyone on earth can be a pop star thanks to autotune (youtube).

Now, she (Ke$ha, not the goblin) is on a beach in Australia, and she needs to shut her mouth because she can’t sing, her body sucks and she’s fug as hell. Britney has sold over 85 million records and was the reason Megans Law went federal, so how does this nobody take shots at her. And as bad as Brit looks now, at least her ass isn’t square. I don’t mean to worry the good people of Australia, but I think Ke$ha might be a Transformer.

(now with jailbait britney pics starting here to prove my point. a pink tunnel, huh? subtle. ke$ha image source = pacific coast news)

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