kendra is dead to me


Hank Baskett is having a bad few months. As a special teams player for the Colts, he had an onside kick bounce off his face in the Superbowl against the Saints. The Saints went on to score and win. Then his contract expired and the Colts didn't try to resign him. And now there's this...

Kendra Baskett is mulling a breast reduction. They "went from a 34C to an E," during her pregnancy, she told Us. "Now that they're going down, they're a little bigger than I want." "I feel like I'm a little top heavy," Kendra, 24, said. Hank tried to be diplomatic. "You know I support her [but] I'm definitely going to miss them, you know."

F*ck diplomatic. That's bullsh*t. This should be grounds for divorce, and Hank should get everything. Why do women think they can get married and then immediately un-do everything that made them appealing in the first place. If a girl married a doctor and then one year later he quit and got a paper route, she'd be pissed, right? 34C isn't even that big. Does she want to be flat? Why not just get completely internal genitalia. Hank might as well have married a dolphin.

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