kim got dumped because of the sex tape


According to Kim Kardashian, she broke up with Reggie Bush because he wasn't ready to settle down and get married, but consider this: women are black hearted monsters and they lie.

Kim Kardashian was dumped by Reggie Bush because of her sex tape. "Reggie's mom just could not get over the fact that Kim had a sex tape. Reggie and his family are very conservative, and he told Kim that a marriage is never going to happen between them because of the tape." Kim is said to regret the video more than ever now as she believes she would still be with Reggie, 25, if it had never been made public. "She's still crazy about him. If she didn't have the sex tape, she could have been Mrs. Bush."

I like Reggie but his mom sounds like a horrible person. She just wants to censor independent filmmakers like Kim, to stop them from expressing their opinion about love. Why don't you go back to Russia bitch. If a hot girl wants to get naked and film it while she has sex, I may not like it either but her voice has a right to be heard.

(image source = splash news online and wenn)

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