lindsay lohan + ed hardy = hahaha, you suck


Two of the biggest names of 2005 and biggest jokes of 2010 are joining forces to design a line of upscale handbags, which will hopefully be in stores just in time for people dressing up as a douchebag for Halloween. For the record, that first sentence included the only possible context for the word "line" in connection with these bags. Marc Malkin writes...

"Lindsay and the design team at Ed Hardy have mutual friends, and they knew she was interested in looking for a handbag license and partner," our source says. "They thought she'd be a good fit and so did she." So far, it sounds like the collaboration is running smoothly. "As of last week, there are three collections in development and numerous more are expected," our source says. "Lindsay is very directly involved with the project, and she's always pulling things online and from magazines for ideas."

I was joking last June when I said her designs would "consist of bringing in a magazine and pointing", but apparently that's what she really does. She stole the designs for her leggings too. I'm not really sure any of this counts as designing. It sounds more like a counter-fitting ring.

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