people are already writing lindsays obituary

By brendon March 29, 2010 @ 4:50 PM


Apparently the rumors about Lindsay Lohans drug addiction paint a picture of a life so out of control that news outlets are already writing her obituary, so they’ll be ready when she drops to her knees for the last time.

And right on cue, Saturday night she left a party in LA while some unidentified white powder exploded out of her shoes. Her heels were huge and there was so much smoke it looked like dry ice in a KISS video. Was it baby powder? Donuts? Who knows. In her defense, it seems unlikely that it was coke. You can tell by the way she’s not on all fours licking the bricks.

(source = pacific coast news)

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    Watt 03/29/2010 16:55


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    DB's Treasure 03/29/2010 16:59

    Nicely done, Watt. Very nicely done.

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    SALAJ 03/29/2010 17:00

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    pepper 03/29/2010 17:00

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    SomeoneluvsU 03/29/2010 17:01

    An 8-ball on your shoes seems like such a waste…

    Unless you’re Finkle.

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    pepper 03/29/2010 17:02

    Must be a one a very short obituary

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    Sensei John Kreese 03/29/2010 17:09

    Sometimes in the summer when I baby powder my ass in an attempt to stop swamp ass I get white powder on my shoes. I’m sure this is what happened here.

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    Chicago_animal 03/29/2010 17:10

    She could be all coked up and I’d hit it. If she were to OD then she would probably move some.

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    pump 03/29/2010 17:14

    I want bang this lindsay woman and I am not ashamed of that.

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    DB's Treasure 03/29/2010 17:19

    pump, I would nail LiLo, too. No reason to be ashamed. I’d not only do it on principle, but I’d do it cause when she dressed her best she still kicks the shit outta porking the average waspy princess you find here on the east coast.

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    pump 03/29/2010 17:19

    DB, when I win the lottery I’ll move to LA to bang those fake tittied girls. I can fund your move as well.

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    Watt 03/29/2010 17:21

    Been tryin for that all day.

    Fuck is it 5 yet?

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    Angel2376 03/29/2010 17:23

    “so they’ll be ready when she drops to her knees for the last time” LMFAO HAHAHAHAHAHAA

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    Woodsman 03/29/2010 17:26

    What a cunning stunt.

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    pump 03/29/2010 17:26

    If possible, I’d like bang this version of lindasy:

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    DB's Treasure 03/29/2010 17:29

    Time and cocaine fucked that version of Lindsay, pump.

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    Woodsman 03/29/2010 17:29

    I think that *that* version of Lindsay was extinguished by 25000 cigarettes, 5000 gallons of Stoli and 200Kg of coke.

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    Woodsman 03/29/2010 17:30

    DB = great minds

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    Angel2376 03/29/2010 17:31

    pump: those days are long behind her, its just downhill for her now. Its not going to get any prettier for her.

  20. avatar
    pump 03/29/2010 17:34

    Guys, there is nothing a little lighting and make up cannot do.

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