Pirates of the Caribbean 4 won’t be like this. sadly.

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‘Pirates of the Caribbean 4’ won’t have Gore Verbinski, who directed the first 3, and it won’t have Keira Knightley or Orlando Bloom, and all that can be overcome. But now they’ve gone too far. Popeater says…

Disney is bucking the trend of hiring augmented actresses, requesting that only women with natural breasts apply for a role in the latest installment of their ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise.

“What a bunch of fags”, I thought to myself until I read the next sentence.

“Disney has specifically requested that no actresses with breast implants apply” for a role, and that the company will even ask actresses to jog in front of casting directors to prove that their breasts are real.

Holy Jesus Christ. I don’t mean to brag but I know a scheme to stare at girls tits when I see one. And, “we have to be sure so take your top off and jump rope for a few minutes” is one of them. It’s not like you can really tell when a girl is dressed, so either the casting director is a horny 13-year-old, or this movie is gonna be amazing. ‘Pirates of the Carribean: The Titties of Jumping Jack Island”.

(gif = jesse jane in “pirates 2: stagnettis revenge’)

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