‘the bachelor’ winner vienna girardi + bikini = classy

By brendon March 15, 2010 @ 3:00 PM


‘Rock Of Love’ and ‘The Bachelor’ are both game shows where girls compete for the prize of some guy they barely know having sex on them for a month and then realizing they’ve made a horrible mistake. The difference being that ‘the Bachelor’ is very fancy. Like this seasons winner Vienna Girardi, who before ‘the Bachelor’ was in this Florida bikini contest in June of 2008.

Here we see the judging phase of the contest, which is a lot like the rose ceremony, except in this case strangers yell “show your tits” and throw plastic cups filled with beer and spit on them.

(image source = splash exclusives)


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  1. Tito's Anal Adventures 03/15/2010 15:02

    What is this post about?

  2. Tito's Anal Adventures 03/15/2010 15:03

    I even read the words – but either I’m just toooo drunk or they make no sense at all…

  3. DB's Treasure 03/15/2010 15:04

    Die in a fire, Jessica

  4. DB's Treasure 03/15/2010 15:05

    3 whores with low self esteem + fake bake + alcohol = this mess

  5. Jessica 03/15/2010 15:05

    Someone told me SeekingAffluent.com. It’s the place where you can meet millionaires, who are searching for their special someone.

  6. SCUM 03/15/2010 15:05

    I love when broads skank their asses out.

  7. pepper 03/15/2010 15:06

    Jessica you fucking turd……………

  8. SCUM 03/15/2010 15:07

    How about Amanda Seyfried in mesh?

  9. Tito's Anal Adventures 03/15/2010 15:07

    I wanna meet “millionaires” – I wanna do dirty things to them and be their gay love slave….

  10. Tito's Anal Adventures 03/15/2010 15:07

    maybe that came out wrong…

  11. SCUM 03/15/2010 15:09

    DB is SeekingAflatulent.com

  12. Barbarella 03/15/2010 15:10

    She’s pretty hot.

    I applied for that bachelor.

    I wanted to bang Jake for some reason.

  13. CrappyCar 03/15/2010 15:10

    I don’t see a problem here.

  14. Watt 03/15/2010 15:14

    I do quite like this bitch.

  15. oy 03/15/2010 15:15

    is she the one with the 8 yr old or something?!

  16. Death to Finkle! 03/15/2010 15:15

    Did Jessica piss herself?

    A fucking rollerblader post. In 2010, no less. And I’m fucking out of the office.

  17. oy 03/15/2010 15:16

    oh no, wait, she was the one that blew one of the producers….right?!

  18. Chicago_animal 03/15/2010 15:17

    These whores on these shows get less respect then pornstars who get DP’d

  19. SomeoneluvsU 03/15/2010 15:21

    Why is the Green Lantern in the back of that bar?

  20. Death to Finkle! 03/15/2010 15:22

    Did I miss the Green Lantern, too? How about some werewolves? Madonna in her red shoulder pads? Somebody post a link to a youtube video of that rapper with progeria? Did Doc come back and ban somebody?

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