the vanilla gorilla (update!)


Jesse James is an idiot, so I refuse to accept the possibility that Michelle Bombshell gave him the nickname 'Vanilla Gorilla' because he has a big dick. More likely is that he still has this Halloween costume that he wore back in 2004, seven months before he and Sandra Bullock got married. So presumably this is where the nickname came from. And it's why my costume this year will be called "Dongzilla".

RACIST UPDATE - A friend pointed out that Jesse has companies named Vanilla Gorilla LLC, Way Fast Whitey LLC, and Mighty Whitey LLC. And he was banging a white supremacist Nazi. And the West Coast Choppers logo is an Iron Cross, which is a symbol for many things of course, but was also a medal given by the German army up through WWII. Rommel and Goring won it, for example. Oh but I'm sure this is all just coincidence.

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