vanessa hudgens knows how to dress

By brendon March 08, 2010 @ 11:38 AM


Vanessa Hudgens wore one of her awesome backless dresses to the Vanity Fair party last night, and this one had a plunging neckline too. It showed twice the skin, making it twice as awesome. Her date Zac Efron (not pictured) could barely contain himself when he first saw it, and couldn’t wait to get her out of it. But eventually they agreed that Vanessa should be the one to wear it, and although disappointed, Zac understood that it wasn’t time yet.

(picture source = getty images)


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  1. Jake 03/08/2010 11:40

    seen her naked no need to see her dressed

  2. RemSteale 03/08/2010 11:44

    There isnt nough of interest in this post for me to have anything worth saying

  3. Jessica 03/08/2010 11:45

    My friend told me It’s where many highly successful people are in search of someone for a quality relationship in their life, the same as you:)

  4. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/08/2010 11:49

    10 pics of a chipmunk in a black dress, yaaaawwwnnnnnn.

  5. Tom Foolery 03/08/2010 11:50

    “Highly successful people” and “quality relationship” are two things that have no place on this site.

  6. Rokan 03/08/2010 11:50

    Who’s going to clean this up?

  7. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/08/2010 11:54

    im wondering if we just power post and cut and paste her spam 400 times per post, and choke their server down to the point of tears, will they notice we are annoyed?

  8. Slaappy 03/08/2010 11:55

    I could watch this all day

  9. RemSteale 03/08/2010 11:57

    Jessica!! You’re back, we missed yooooouuuu….

  10. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/08/2010 12:00

    i do like that they made fun of Zac Efron. Wait till he’s 30+ and he’ll be out of the closet like NPH, and Clay Akien.

  11. ohmwrecker 03/08/2010 12:00

    McGirk, Jessica is paying WWTDD to run her spam on every thread. There is NO benefit to your incessant complaining.

  12. RemSteale 03/08/2010 12:02

    Zac Efron, how gay do you have to be to threaten to dump your girlfriend for sending you nude photos??

  13. iwontrememberthis 03/08/2010 12:10

    Slaappy, what is that?

  14. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 03/08/2010 12:13

    Ohm, if it annoys you, then it has merit for me =)

  15. Watt 03/08/2010 12:14

    You know who has a great rack?

    Charisma Carpenter

  16. Slaappy 03/08/2010 12:16

    iwont, Is the link not working for you?

  17. Admiral 03/08/2010 12:21

    Man, leaked nude photos can really boost your career these days. She would have been long-forgotten by now if not for them…

  18. Tom Foolery 03/08/2010 12:23

    You can add guys typing smiley faces as things that are annoying also Dirt.

  19. Rusty Sanchez 03/08/2010 12:25

    Ohhhhhhh….God damn, I love me some Charisma Carpenter.

  20. SomeoneluvsU 03/08/2010 12:27

    I’d Tintin her.

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