halle berry is single

By brendon April 30, 2010 @ 12:39 PM


Halle Berry has broken up with her Canadian model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry after dating for the past four years, and having a child together in 2008.

It’s always sad when a couple breaks up, and since this isn’t a sad website, it’s a happy website (!), I thought a good way to cheer everybody up would be to post some pictures of Halles delicious titties. She’s probably filled with self doubt lately, so I bet she’ll be tickled pink to know that people all over the world are looking at her and masturbating. What a honor!

(giant nsfw ‘swordfish’ screencap here)

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    pepper 04/30/2010 12:40

    One of two blacks I would tag…..

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    Sir Helix 04/30/2010 12:47

    Gabrielle has not none any nudes yet… whats she waiting for?

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    Barbarella 04/30/2010 12:54

    I was just watching Swordfish last night… I fell asleep before the tittay scene tho.

    Good thing I have it dvrd.

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    Tito's Anal Adventures 04/30/2010 12:55

    Here is a small list of blacks I would tag: Everyone.

    See, I don’t discriminate. Therefore my chances to get some pussy are rising.

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    Watt 04/30/2010 12:58

    Z my avatar makes you angry?

    Take it out on one of your bitches this weekend. Pent up sexual frustration!

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    Long_Duk_Dong 04/30/2010 12:58

    Pep – Stacey Dash has got to be on that list. Zoey Saldana and Samanth Mumba too.

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    Barbarella 04/30/2010 13:01

    Stacey Dash is gorgeous.

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    pepper 04/30/2010 13:05

    negative on Stacey Dash

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    pepper 04/30/2010 13:06

    she looks like Alex Rodrigues

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    Zombie 04/30/2010 13:12

    Watt, I’m just pissed off at how stupid the new Nightmare On Elm Street movie is and taking it out on you. I went to the midnight screening and walked out wishing I had stayed at home and went to bed early.

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    D. Znuts 04/30/2010 13:12

    I love how the posts come in such quick succession that we don’t have time to comment on them.

    Barb: I have it on good authority (pepper) that you’re not a chick. Just FYI, if you have a penis, the wedding is off. Sorry. Never again.

    Halle Berry is hot, glad I’m next in line.

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    pepper 04/30/2010 13:12

    The server at Spankwire is TOO BUSY!!!
    Watt, get off it!!!

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    D. Znuts 04/30/2010 13:13

    Zombie: It’s your fault for thinking ti would be good. Tsk tsk.

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    SuperB 04/30/2010 13:13

    yeah i think stacey dash is hot its the light eyes

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    pepper 04/30/2010 13:15

    Super…funny…that’s the thing that is such a big turn off to me…….

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    SuperB 04/30/2010 13:15

    Like, Micheal Ealy…..I wouldnt ever go there, but he is fucking sexy

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    SuperB 04/30/2010 13:16

    Is Z here? cue coalburning comment in 5///4///3///2/////

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    Zombie 04/30/2010 13:18

    Fucking coalburning whore. Go bury your face in a Sonic cup and drown.

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    D. Znuts 04/30/2010 13:19

    I’m with Sup, the light eyes make you take a second look. To be quite honest though her eyes, as sexy as they are, aren’t at the top of my list for reasons I would wear her like a raincoat.

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