nicole scherzinger has an unfair advantage

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Nicole Scherzinger took a break during rehearsal for ‘Dancing With The Stars’ in LA today, which raises an intruguing question: Why the fuck is Nicole Scherzinger on ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Isn’t she a little too famous for this dumb show? How is this even allowed? She was essentially a professional dancer for the past 10 years. No one thought that might give her an advantage. You know, in the … dance competition? This stupid show is practically rigged. Every year they get people like Nicole and athletes and then ask the camera, “But can that talent translate to the dance floor?” Oh you mean world champions like Jerry Rice and Emmit Smith and Ocho Cinco, who make millions because of their brilliant hand-eye coordination and ability to move in a rhythm with exact timing and precision? How will that translate to dancing?

Quite nicely, as it turns out.

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