Star Wars: The Sitcom

By brendon April 06, 2010 @ 2:14 PM

It’s awesome that Red Letters ‘Star Wars’ prequel reviews have gone viral in the past view days, because he LOL’ingly points out (in a review that’s longer than the movie) that George Lucas is a retard who has no idea WTF he’s doing. ‘Empire Strikes Back’ is the main reason people love ‘Star Wars’, and that’s the only one Lucas didn’t write or direct.

And it’s a good thing, because when Lucas gets involved, shit like this happens:

In the latest attempt to wring every possible cent out of Star Wars, the head Jedi has announced plans to spin off an untitled animated comedy series that “will look at the saga’s characters with a playful and irreverent tone,” per Lucasfilm.
Helping to oversee the hijinks will be former Scoobster Seth Green, who’s earned Emmy nods for spoofing the Skywalker gang in his Robot Chicken.
“It’s crazy to think that there aren’t normal, mundane everyday problems in a world so well-defined,” says Green, hinting at the show’s premise. “What do these characters do when they’re not overthrowing Empires?”

Yeah, because that’s the interesting part about a Jedis life. The everyday stuff. The movies never really explained what would happen if Luke ever forgot his anniversary, or if Han Solo and Chewbacca opened a restaurant. It kinda wrecked the whole movie because I didn’t know.

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    SALAJ 04/06/2010 14:15

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    Woodsman 04/06/2010 14:16

    Fuck you Salaj

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    DB's Treasure 04/06/2010 14:21

    This news is more horrible than Lora’s fat face and Barb’s dick rolled into one.

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    Mac-Daddy 04/06/2010 14:22

    I don’t get it…….


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    dustt10 04/06/2010 14:25


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    Rusty Sanchez 04/06/2010 14:27

    Wait a sec, isn’t Steffabulous the one with the dick?

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    DB's Treasure 04/06/2010 14:28

    I don’t think so, Rusty. Steff is just some uppity Montreal native who believes her shit don’t stink, and thinks she’s remotely good looking. Personally, I wouldn’t mind hearing news that she’s in a coma.

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    Rusty Sanchez 04/06/2010 14:34

    I’m with you on the coma DB. I’d bet Barb is legit, though. She seems ok to me. However, per the Durden rules, all posters are figured to have a penis unless proof of a vagina is given to another Durdenite.

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    Zombie 04/06/2010 14:35

    You’re a fool if you believe that Steffabulous or Barbarella are who they portray themselves as here. Same goes with me, I’m really some fat slob with an afro and bad acne… not that hot hunk of man meat you see in my avi.

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    Spodee 04/06/2010 14:38

    Umm….where are the whores and titties?

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    Chicago_animal 04/06/2010 14:39

    And the spammers are Brsndon! That’s why they don’t get deleted!!

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    Tom Foolery 04/06/2010 14:43

    Z: Is that Dick Masterson in your AVI?

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    Rusty Sanchez 04/06/2010 14:43

    I wouldn’t say I automatically believe anyone here to be who or what they say they are. Some seem a little more beliveable than others. Still, you won’t find me sexting (or whatever you call it) some random poster. However, I am completely honest in my self portrayal. I am a hot, busty blond who frequently poses naked for internet strangers.

    What?…… dont judge me.

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    Tom Foolery 04/06/2010 14:44

    I’m pretty sure I’m real, if not come up to Chesapeake VA and have a Zima with me.

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    Zombie 04/06/2010 14:46

    Tom, it’s Ringo Starr.

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    Rusty Sanchez 04/06/2010 14:47

    Zima? Dude thats a pussy drink. Next time you’re back in SD, we’ll have some Mike’s Hard Lemonades like real men….Even though I’m a hot, busty blonde.

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    Observer 04/06/2010 14:53

    I’m as real as anything on the internet….

    …except for Roakn pretending to be Barbarella and Steffabulous….

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    oy 04/06/2010 14:53

    so who drinks smirnoffs here since we’re all real men….

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    oy 04/06/2010 14:54

    cept for rusty who appears to be busty blond female by the name of rusty…

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    oy 04/06/2010 14:55

    Z – w/ the ‘stache you look like a reno911 character, no offense!

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