tuesday morning headlines


PAM ANDERSON - owes $493,000 in back taxes to the state of California. Hopefully she'll pay it soon. Because that's the problem with California. They don't collect enough taxes. (huff post)

JESSE JAMES - had to pay off one of his whores because she could prove he cheated on Sandra Bullock with her. And by that I mean she kept a shirt with his DNA on it. This is why you need whores who swallow. If Francis Crick were still alive I'd punch that guy right in his face. (radar)

TYLER HAS SEXY READERS - but you already knew that, you handsome devil you. And Nikki is yet another one. She's in College Humors ‘Americas Hottest College Girl' contest, and today you can go vote for her. I feel bad because a bunch of other girls in the contest asked to get mentioned on Tyler too, but Nikki asked first. When you're a blogger you get used to this sort of thing. Life is an endless parade of sexy women, intoxicated by my power and driven mad with passion. (college humor, facebook)

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