afternoon headlines


ROBERT PATTINSON - seems pretty cool to be honest with you. And yesterday he proved it again by showing up at a fans house to say hi. He posed for pictures with everyone and the girl was real happy. Then he played a 'Get Up Kids' record and told her butterflies make him cry and she completely came in her pants. (la times)

THE MTV MOVIE AWARDS - better hope host Aziz Ansari does 90 minutes of standup because the list of nominees is fucking terrible. (mtv)

BRITNEY SPEARS - fired her agent. Who is also her boyfriend. So this way there won't be any weird conflict. Like, she won't have to fire him one day, for example. I'm not gonna lie, her plan has a few holes in it. (the sun)

EMMA WATSON - is not the topless girl in this picture. Her agent says it's an obvious photoshop and he's right. He also said you were adopted because your birth parents hated you. Sry. :( (the sun)

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