LIndsay is the real victim

May 24, 2010 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

One of those machines that talk for people by reading their minds interviewed Lindsay Lohan last night, just a few hours before she’s supposed to appear in court. At first I was gonna try to document every time Lindsay lied, but she made it easy by lying from start to finish.

Every single thing she says in this, unless it’s an opinion or personal interpretation, is a blatant lie.

There isn’t even a real movie. It’s an idea for a movie, a biography that they don’t even own the rights to. They can’t make the movie. So she wasn’t there to work, just to party. She was there a week, and all she did was talk to a few reports individually. Because there’s nothing to talk about. She’s clearly high, she hasn’t been anywhere close to compliance with the courts orders, it’s not just her dad, she did not try to get a passport, India? Did that bitch just say she went to the embassy in India?

This whole thing was weird. Between the weird cadence and the detainees sunken eyes and crazy denials and chain smoking, it was more like the Nazis interrogating a spy. Hopefully there will be a second part where they whack her around a little, teach her a lesson. Just answer the questions Lindsay! They tried to kill Indiana Jones too, they mean business.

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