marisa miller needs to loosen up

By brendon May 11, 2010 @ 1:08 PM


Marisa Miller was one of the big stars at the MGM Grands Wet Republic in Vegas this weekend, though for some reason she never stripped down to a bikini. It’s disappointing but it makes sense. When you’re a bikini model you can’t exactly go to the pool or the beach and just hang out in a bikini. It’s your only marketable skill. If you also do it for free what’s the point. That’s why I think a good idea would be to follow her back to her room and then wait until you hear her turn on her shower and then call in a bomb threat so she has to run outside naked. But you have to be certain to dress up like a security guard and bang on her door and say, “Ma’am there’s no time to get dressed, we have to go right now.” The brilliance of the plan lies in its simplicity.

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    elvino-ray 05/11/2010 13:12

    Ya’all napping? or is it orgy time?

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    Watt 05/11/2010 13:14

    I’d be more than happy to loosen her up

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    DarkCherry 05/11/2010 13:15

    i want her shoes!!!!!

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    niffer 05/11/2010 13:15

    I’d definitely sprain my tongue on her

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    Watt 05/11/2010 13:16

    Oh hey cali. Titty Tuesday. SUBMIT

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    D. Znuts 05/11/2010 13:16

    Hehe this post was funny. Will wonders never cease.

    My god MM is a fucking hottie.

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    Zombie 05/11/2010 13:19

    Zombie, please mention my name 5 times today like you did yesterday while I continue to ignore all the retarded drivel that comes out of your hick mouth. It’s not pathetic at all.

    Not nearly as pathetic as you pretending to ignore me until I sign off, and then mentioning my name in every single comment for the remainder of the evening. At least if I have something to say to you, I will do it while you are here (which is 24/7 for you) and I don’t have to hide behind a fucking puppet.

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    Watt 05/11/2010 13:20

    The success rate of my Federal Breast Inspector badge is surprisingly high.

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    Barbarella 05/11/2010 13:23

    She’s pretty hot but she’s kinda pasty.

    Guess I’m not the only one who needs to catch up on my summer tan, because I certainly have NO room to talk.

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    Zombie 05/11/2010 13:24

    At your rate DZ, you’ll have more comments logged by the end of May than every other user put together. Just another slow day at the convenience store, right?

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    DarkCherry 05/11/2010 13:24

    sigh we spend our days fighting on a gossip blog. we are all equally pathetic

    give it up guys it’s fucking annoying already.

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    Zombie 05/11/2010 13:26

    My apologies DarkCherry. Please, let’s talk about shoes and infidelity.

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    Barbarella 05/11/2010 13:28

    I second that DC.

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    Watt 05/11/2010 13:28

    Oh its not fighting. Its just playful snarking and killing time.

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    DarkCherry 05/11/2010 13:29


    she’s wearing YSL tribute platforms that i could never afford but want so badly!! what do you think about them Z?

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    Barbarella 05/11/2010 13:29

    Isn’t there a new Britney crotch shot we can bag on?

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    Long_Duk_Dong 05/11/2010 13:30

    fuck all ya’ll

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    DarkCherry 05/11/2010 13:30

    Watt – i’m talking more about the “no, you talk about ME more!’ “no YOU talk about ME more” No YOU! NO YOU! back and forth nonsense like fucking five year olds.

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    Tuco The Ugly 05/11/2010 13:34

    Dis woman need to eat meat and potatoes.

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    Tuco The Ugly 05/11/2010 13:35

    I blame all dis on senor Mike Hunt.
    Right sport?

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