put some clothes on fatty

By brendon May 13, 2010 @ 4:21 PM


Gisele Bund-Bunch-Whatever had a child with Tom Brady just 6 months ago, but she’s already posing pretty much naked again, this time for the Brazilian lingerie company Hope. It proves once again that women can look awesome right after having kids if they choose to but most are real selfish and/or lazy so they don’t.

She explained to Vogue that her body snapped right back, saying “I think it’s muscle memory”.

I don’t know what the hell she’s talking about but she doesn’t either so that’s fine. In fact I never know what the hell she’s talking about. “Ease Muzzle Memry. Dat iz de zeecret. I tell Tomb, my whozzband Tomb Brady, I tell him de zeecret.” It’s like she just landed here on a fuckin spaceship. That chick is a god damn weirdo.


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  1. Boba Fett 05/13/2010 16:22

    Yep, I’d hit it.

  2. Boba Fett 05/13/2010 16:23

    Many times.

  3. Boba Fett 05/13/2010 16:23

    Even in front of my wife.

  4. Boba Fett 05/13/2010 16:23

    It would be worth the consequences.

  5. Boba Fett 05/13/2010 16:24

    I was gonna try to keep going, see how long it took you guys to figure out there was a new up, but I’m just feeling too lazy today.

  6. taz 05/13/2010 16:26


  7. D. Znuts 05/13/2010 16:26

    Wow. Hard to believe a kid any bigger than a hamster came out of that chick.

  8. Observer 05/13/2010 16:33

    Boba Fett……

    …what would you do if the wife beat you to the prize here…..?

  9. Death to Finkle! 05/13/2010 16:34

    With our respective IQs, my drollness, and your dossiers, we could run this place, Obs.

    I’ll just need a copy of all your folders first.

  10. SomeoneluvsU 05/13/2010 16:35

    Wow, did you guys know that Decker chick was going to be in a new Adam Sandler movie? ….
    You would have thought Bren – don would have made a post about it.

  11. SCUM 05/13/2010 16:35

    Doctress Leisa 05/23/2008 01:09

    Please, for new threads, keep on topic

    That was meant for everyone. Radio stuff=pm. And iIf you all want to sex up a fellow poster, use pm. This is not an AOL chat room. That comes from the boss, not me.

  12. Watt 05/13/2010 16:36

    I am not disappointed in this post

  13. D. Znuts 05/13/2010 16:38

    Haha good ole Doc, the messageboard cop.

    “The boss” hehe.

  14. Death to Finkle! 05/13/2010 16:38

    Awesome, SCUM. That shit was Maj. Pwnage-esque.

    I wonder if we could find any comments containing hockey talk?

  15. D. Znuts 05/13/2010 16:39

    Nice work SCUM. Hope Dworaczyk is smokin’. My choice for PMOY. I bet it goes to Kimberley whatshertits though.

  16. DB's Treasure 05/13/2010 16:40

    Doc is back??????

  17. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 05/13/2010 16:41

    wait, Who the Fuk was Doc other then some old cunt who spit out alot of bullshit? was she actually a moderator? i mean a real one? who the fuck is the boss? wtf?

  18. SuperB 05/13/2010 16:42

    hola kiddos

  19. Observer 05/13/2010 16:42

    Texas Finkle Death…….D-A-Double-D

    …..I’m shipping ‘em Fedex right away…….

    …does Fedex take FTP?

  20. D. Znuts 05/13/2010 16:43

    DDM if I remember it correctly, at one point Brend0n used to actually post here occasionally and kept in touch with people. Leisa was an actual mod, with mod powers, and there were Private Messages. I stayed the holy fuck away from this site during most of that because I used to call Leisa names a lot before she was a mod.

    I doubt anyone cared what the comments section said though, she just said that shit.

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