put some clothes on fatty


Gisele Bund-Bunch-Whatever had a child with Tom Brady just 6 months ago, but she's already posing pretty much naked again, this time for the Brazilian lingerie company Hope. It proves once again that women can look awesome right after having kids if they choose to but most are real selfish and/or lazy so they don't.

She explained to Vogue that her body snapped right back, saying "I think it's muscle memory".

I don't know what the hell she's talking about but she doesn't either so that's fine. In fact I never know what the hell she's talking about. "Ease Muzzle Memry. Dat iz de zeecret. I tell Tomb, my whozzband Tomb Brady, I tell him de zeecret." It's like she just landed here on a fuckin spaceship. That chick is a god damn weirdo.

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