the sexy miley lapdance pictures now has sexy video

By brendon May 11, 2010 @ 5:14 PM


Late last year, pictures surfaced of Miley Cyrus grinding her teen ass into director Adam Shankman at a party in Hollywood. Even though Miley was underage it wasn’t a huge controversy because Shankman is gay, and teen girl ass means nothing to them. It’s almost as if she was testing him for gay and he scored a 100.

But now the non-controversy may become plus-controversy with the release of a video from the same party, one that shows Miley acting extremely sexual.

“The video was taken about seven months ago at a wrap party for The Last Song. The worst part is that there were little kids at the party and the dancing between Miley and Adam was so dirty that some of the parents actually left the party and took their kids home.”
The video shows Shankman on the dance floor with a drink in hand grinding up against Cyrus’ backside while she grinds back. At one point Cyrus turns around and seductively opens the top layer of her shirt, teasing Shankman with her flirty dance moves.
In a second clip to the video, Cyrus is seen giving Shankman a lap dance while children under the age of 10 sit less than five feet away watching the Hannah Montana star, and neither her mother Tish nor father Billy Ray were present at the party.

10 seems like a good age to see something like that. Those kids need to grow up. Life is not the Disney channel. Life is tough, but if you’re a hot girl, acting like a slut is a good way to get ahead. After that Miley brought out a unicorn and stabbed it to death.

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    Hugh Laurie 05/11/2010 17:17


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    SCUM 05/11/2010 17:21

    Wow a girl who’s father sported a mullet is a whore, who woulda thunk.

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    SCUM 05/11/2010 17:22

    I am sure she is Wildly Virused.

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    SCUM 05/11/2010 17:23

    <<<< I bet she does this.

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    SCUM 05/11/2010 17:24

    <<<< Miley’s future.

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    SuperB 05/11/2010 17:27

    this horseface already looks 30…

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    pepper 05/11/2010 17:27

    Boring is right!
    The girl can kill bats with her voices.

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    SCUM 05/11/2010 17:28

    Sup, what was more sweaty, the muff or the pits?

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    pepper 05/11/2010 17:29

    Super..she looks a little like you…a relative?

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    D. Znuts 05/11/2010 17:29

    This chick is going to crash and burn harder than Lindsay and Britney combined. I can’t wait to watch the festivities. /popcorn

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    Zombie 05/11/2010 17:31

    SuperB, the new pic, please tell me that isn’t the best that last call has to offer in your area.

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    pepper 05/11/2010 17:31

    I don’t mind the looks…it’s the voice…kill it!

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    SuperB 05/11/2010 17:31

    nope Pep just a good friend….shes awesome and fun sized

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    pepper 05/11/2010 17:33

    could you smell the pink?

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    Watt 05/11/2010 17:34

    Pit stains!

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    oy 05/11/2010 17:34

    fun sized….

  17. avatar
    Watt 05/11/2010 17:35

    Fun sized = short

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    Zombie 05/11/2010 17:35

    Pit stains and a fucking wonk eye. Watt’s in love!

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    SuperB 05/11/2010 17:36

    yeah oy, I have like two good friends who are both right around the 5′ mark, so I call them both fun sized as we all know I am a little bigger than that

  20. avatar
    Watt 05/11/2010 17:37

    Dude Z you have no idea how much I love a sweaty bitch who can watch me and the TV in her back.

    Shit I soiled myself .

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