chris klein got a DUI (holy shit update)

By brendon June 16, 2010 @ 10:38 AM

Radar is reporting that Chris Klein was arrested early this morning, around 3:30am, on suspicion of drunk driving after being stopped on the Hollywood Freeway in Los Angeles.

And that’s all that’s known at this point. Because it’s Chris Klein. I doubt the internets top investigators were assigned to this one. He might be the worst actor alive, and seems like a complete douche. Which is why I really hope he goes to jail. He would think he was real cool and would try to hang out with the black guys, and walk up to them in the day yard while one guy bench presses 8000 pounds and say, “whats up man, I’m Chris Klein, the actor. Yeah, from American Pie. Whats up. I’m in here for some bullshit, you know what I mean. Fuckin pig cops. Yeah, look, look this guy over here, he knows what I’m sayin.” Later, as they rushed him to the emergency room and tried to figure out which part of his head was the front, his ass would look like a life preserver.

AMAZING UPDATE – now its being reported that Klein had a blood alcohol level of .20, close to THREE TIMES the legal limit. And that dick had a dog in the car.

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    Lightdragon2 06/16/2010 10:40


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    fuzzdog 06/16/2010 10:41

    Wuddyu think SALAJ?

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    SALAJ 06/16/2010 10:42

    My friend told me . It’s where many highly successful people are in search of someone for a quality relationship in their life, the same as you:)

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    Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 06/16/2010 10:43

    there are no tits here. This is a man….man.

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    Mac-Daddy 06/16/2010 10:44

    Lame post #1 for the day

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    Lightdragon2 06/16/2010 10:47

    oh this is article is boring.

    this is more fun

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    Rokan 06/16/2010 10:51

    What the fucker is a “Japanese Suicide?”

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    Rokan 06/16/2010 10:52

    Mr. Adams and SALAJ are in the future again.

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    Chicago_animal 06/16/2010 10:55

    Is this a sign of how the days posts will be? The webmasters thoughts on an actor. Great stuff!!

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    RemSteale 06/16/2010 10:57

    To improve this boring thread subject, here’s some nice pictures of Rosie Jones:

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    RemSteale 06/16/2010 10:58

    Now thats odd, MrAdams is in the future with Salaj.

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    Death to Finkle! 06/16/2010 10:59

    Chris Klein…. Rings a bell…

    Didn’t he do that latest Gaga video?

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    Rokan 06/16/2010 11:00

    She’s hot, but she always has a look on her face like my high school girlfriend did when i touched her ass, “by accident.”

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    Observer 06/16/2010 11:03

    This post reminds me of one thing……

    ..I don’t GIVE a shit…..therefore…I’m off to TAKE a shit……

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    SomeoneluvsU 06/16/2010 11:03

    Welcome To OZ…

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    RemSteale 06/16/2010 11:08

    To be fair Roke, you did touch it with your penis

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    Rokan 06/16/2010 11:12

    Touche’, Rem.

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    Rokan 06/16/2010 11:13


    Did you get stuck in the future last night?

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    RemSteale 06/16/2010 11:14

    More importantly Observer, did you have a denim jacket, windcheater and a copy of Van Halen on Tape with you?

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    Watt 06/16/2010 11:15


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