jennifer aniston is going topless. again.

June 15, 2010 | celebrity | editor | 0 Comments

Jennifer Aniston has been topless in a movie before, but it was edited so you never actually saw anything (note – hooray for the internet). Now she’s reportedly doing another topless scene, this time in a movie with the unthinkably underused Colin Farrell. The Sun says…

Her role in Horrible Bosses alongside movie bad boy Farrell, 34, is said to be a “total departure” from her usual romantic comedy characters.
Jen, 41, has previously only appeared partially nude in a blurred scene in 2007 film The Break-Up.
A source said of the new film: “It was worked out before she signed her contract, so she’s committed.”
It is due to be released next year.

Anistons one and only good attribute is her body, and even that isn’t as good as the average 19-year old (or Tyler reader) so, if you have to be shackled with 2 hours of, “I’m over gesturing with my hands like this is a god damn shadow puppet show because I can’t convey emotion through my acting. Look, I’m wringing my hands now. Ggrrr, I’m very intense right now. I’m very worried or maybe hopeful but listen to the music… mostly worried. But wait, something’s happenig! Now I’m throwing my hands up and showing my palms! I’m happy now, yaaay, the challenging situation was resolved! Big circles with my arms now, LOL! I don’t know how comedy works!”, then you damn well better see some tits.

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