kim kardashian is dating another football player

By brendon June 23, 2010 @ 5:19 PM


Kim Kardashian of course used to date Reggie Bush, who plays for the New Orleans Saints, but they broke up about 3 months ago and after that she was reportedly dating a few big time soccer players. Now she’s back to football players, but the new guy isn’t as famous as Reggie, and he doesn’t have one of these either. Advantage: Reggie. Going down on Kim must be like licking some old pennies because you know that freak had Reggie shove that ring in her. Us magazine says…

(Kim) cuddled up with Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin, 26, at Casa Vega in L.A.’s Sherman Oaks. “They sat in the back drinking margaritas,” says a witness.
A source says Kardashian, 29, is taking things slowly. “They are dating,” says a source close to her, “but she doesn’t want to rush anything.” Another Kardashian friend tells Us, “Kim wants to date someone who gets her busy lifestyle.”

Considering the Saints won the Superbowl last year, this could be a good luck charm for the Cowboys. They’ll really be in luck if Tony Romo wakes up tomorrow and magically knows how to play quarterback and stops getting his receivers spiked into the ground like they were fucking lawn darts. I bet they’d really appreciate that.

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    Boba Fett 06/23/2010 17:22

    I’m out. Watch y’all tomorrow.

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    Crestien 06/23/2010 17:22

    Maybe she’ll be all slutty for him and we can see pics of that. She is freaking hot. I don’t care what anyone says.

    Kim’s Tweets and Photos

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    SALAJ 06/23/2010 17:25

    Someone told me . It’s the place where you can meet millionaires, who are searching for their special someone.

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    Rokan 06/23/2010 17:25

    Thanks for the New up.


    I thought I told you to go fuck yourself.

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    Rokan 06/23/2010 17:26

    Two out of the first four comments are spam.

    That’s almost 75%!

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    SCUM 06/23/2010 17:29

    Maybe she is looking to start her own Planet Of The Apes.

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    MrAdams 06/23/2010 17:39

    What’s that old saying? “Once you go black, they won’t take you back”? Something like that.

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    Zombie 06/23/2010 17:43

    I’m sure Austin will have no trouble with her “busy lifestyle”.

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    pepper 06/23/2010 17:57


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    SCUM 06/23/2010 17:58

    Zombie, you watch the big show last night?

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    TwoSet 06/23/2010 18:01

    Busy life? Calling for attention and being a goat faced whore ? I bet he can keep up as well

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    Barbarella 06/23/2010 18:07

    What up my niggas!

    Niggas seemed appropriate for this post.

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    Sensei John Kreese 06/23/2010 18:25

    Scum, that’s goddamn funny.

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    Crestien 06/23/2010 18:26

    So it’s considered spam if I post a link to pictures associated with the person above? it’s not like I’m just posting the links and not talking about what’s in the story. I mean hell, how is “I’m out” any better than what I posted.

    You talking about people spamming, is worse than the spam you whiny piece of shit. How about you talk about the story you’re commenting on, or you shut the hell up? This isn’t a discussion forum or your personal chat area, it’s a comments box.

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    Zombie 06/23/2010 18:27

    No Scum, I haven’t followed wrestling since the 90′s.

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    duckbutter 06/23/2010 18:35

    USA win today was awesome i don’t care who you are.

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    duckbutter 06/23/2010 18:38

    damn Rokan got told by the spamer, ha ha. Oh yeah Crestien GO FUCK YOURSELF

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    Version3 06/23/2010 18:39

    re: Crestien 18:26

    Where can I get a spam bot this sophisticated? Next, it’s going to instigate a DZ / Zombie fight, tell BeenDone that his articles are old and have a surpluss of sad and gay, and predict tomorrows first three posts.

    Well, actually I guess that technology is pretty common.

    I really just assumed that Crestien was the product of a relevance bot… you should bash other members more often when linking to another site. I think it’s good for traffic.

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    Crestien 06/23/2010 18:46

    lol, that was funny dickbutter.

    Actually I really like wwtdd. Seems to say what we’re all really thinking. But hell, people click the shit out of my links when I post them, so someone likes them. It’s not like I’m linking to irrelevant spam. It’s the person in question’s tweets, photos, and videos. If you’re interested in Kim K, wouldn’t you want to see more of her?

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    duckbutter 06/23/2010 18:57

    nothing in it for you right Crustione?

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