megan fox in a bikini, part 2

By brendon June 01, 2010 @ 11:28 AM


Megan Fox spent a second day on the beach in Hawaii, and this time she looked even better than the first time. Although this time was frustrating because it looks like her suit is just barely staying on. Seems like something should slide up or down or slip out at any moment. Wouldn’t take much. Don’t bother shaking your monitor though. All that did was make my arms sore.

(source = splash news online)

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    Mac-Daddy 06/01/2010 11:29

    Stll Dissapointed!

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    Mac-Daddy 06/01/2010 11:29

    Fuck You SALAD!!!

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    Mac-Daddy 06/01/2010 11:30

    Megan better get nakid before her career dies! (If it hasn’t already)

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    Mac-Daddy 06/01/2010 11:32

    something tells me she is a lame fuck. She probably feels she’s too hot to get freeky!

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    Mac-Daddy 06/01/2010 11:33

    Chuck Norris would force her to take anal!

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    Mac-Daddy 06/01/2010 11:33

    I’m just too tired and hungover to actually work today!

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    Mac-Daddy 06/01/2010 11:34

    Fuck you Brendumb and your gay crush on Ashton Kutcher. Pop-up ads are what make people leave sites!

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    Mac-Daddy 06/01/2010 11:35

    Previous thread posters are now welcome…..

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    RemSteale 06/01/2010 11:36

    Okay, this is just lazy.

    Are we going to have Dennis Hopper died part 2?

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    SALAJ 06/01/2010 11:36

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    RemSteale 06/01/2010 11:37

    Die screaming Salaj

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    Mac-Daddy 06/01/2010 11:37


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    Ultrasly 06/01/2010 11:39

    SALAJ your friend is a bisexual.

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    Mac-Daddy 06/01/2010 11:39

    off to check out “Is she flithy . blogspot . com” I’ve been hoping to find Super B since she’s been M.I.A.

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    Watt 06/01/2010 11:39

    So its not just me? These pictures aren’t too flattering?

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    Barbarella 06/01/2010 11:46

    EWW! She needs like 10 cheeseburgers STAT.

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    RemSteale 06/01/2010 11:46

    I doubt you would find shots of Sup there

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    RemSteale 06/01/2010 11:48

    She certainly needs to eat something Barb.

    Feel free to insert inappropriate joke here…..

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    ptheflea 06/01/2010 11:50

    second that on superB

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    Watt 06/01/2010 11:50

    Protein shake?

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