jessica and ashley hart are in bikinis

By brendon July 21, 2010 @ 4:42 PM


Jessica Hart (in the orange) is a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, and she and her sister Ashley went to Central Park and played frisbee in bikinis. Then, with their skin glistening in the sun, they seductively ate some watermelon and adjusted their breasts. After that they took their tops off and started kissing and making out. No, not really. I just made that up. That would have been awesome though, huh.

(note = Ashley looks better in that bikini than Jessica did when she wore it back in December. source = pacific coast)

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    Death to Finkle! 07/21/2010 16:44


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    J-Sausage 07/21/2010 16:47

    Now I’d buy that for a dollar. $2 for both even

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    Dee Dee Emm 07/21/2010 16:47

    more no name celebs in 40+ page, paid for galleries in bikini’s with no nudity and the writer not making fun of them. Way to stick to the script you god dam hack.


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    rokan 07/21/2010 16:49

    Its really hard to take you seriously right now.

    Can you point that thing the other way?

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    MrAdams 07/21/2010 16:50

    They ate some watermelon? What kind of interracial crack is that?

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    SCUM 07/21/2010 16:51

    This was all over internet yesterday or the day before, way to keep up with current events Brendum.

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    ohmwrecker 07/21/2010 16:52

    This is the greatest thing I’ve seen all day! I haven’t really done that much though . . .

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    rokan 07/21/2010 16:53

    Zombie, (from the last post)

    Thank you for asking. I have shit three times today, but the second one, (after my shower) was a little messy cause I ate a whole quart of blueberries last night.
    Consequently I had to wipe so much today that my ass started bleeding again.

    How’s your day going?

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    Dee Dee Emm 07/21/2010 16:53

    Dude, it’s me Dirty Dirt. Phag boy went as far as to not let me make a user name with McGirk in it at all, so i had to go with this.

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    Dee Dee Emm 07/21/2010 16:55

    Rokan, use chapstick original on the chocolate starfish when you get the acid poo burn down there after 12 rounds in 1 day. Make sure to distinctly mark it as the bum chapstick so you don’t shit smear your lips by accident. Unless you are into that kind of thing.

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    ohmwrecker 07/21/2010 16:56

    Rokan, could you “seize” talking about your bowel movements?

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    punk 07/21/2010 16:56

    I might go buy some more ham

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    RangerLG 07/21/2010 16:58

    I miss the good old days in Central Park when two girls walking around dressed like this meant a rape was in their future.

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    pepper 07/21/2010 16:59

    Hey B, a little late with this worthless photos. Other places had the photos up two days ago. Maybe it’s time you take your dick out from zombie’s ass?

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    minimosh 07/21/2010 16:59

    to take a page out of Barb’s book:


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    Zombie 07/21/2010 16:59

    Coincidentally I had a container of blueberries for lunch today, also included some raspberries and cherries. Should I expect a raunchy stool this evening?

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    punk 07/21/2010 17:01

    Zombie, i think so, but i’m no expert.

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    ohmwrecker 07/21/2010 17:01

    Before I masturbate . . . are these two legal?

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    Zombie 07/21/2010 17:02

    No they aren’t Ohm. Procede as planned.

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    Zombie 07/21/2010 17:04

    Speaking of which, Selena Gomez turns 18 tomorrow right? Better get your tugging in before midnight, otherwise it loses its “forbidden fruit” effect.

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