josh hartnett doesn’t deserve this

By brendon July 16, 2010 @ 6:10 PM


Josh Hartnett and his girlfriend Romina Ferrera are in Ischia, Italy this week and even though she’s not hot and her banner picture has the smallest ‘censored’ tag ever seen on this page (*), he still doesn’t deserve to be in Italy dating a girl who wears slutty bikinis and casually flashes her breasts. In every movie that mumbling jackoff has ever been in it looks like his character is an old Chinese man. In “Pearl Harbor” I couldn’t even tell what side he was on.

(*) compare it to the one on Mareline, which could be pulled behind a plane to advertise the site yet still doesn’t cover her breasts.

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    Lightdragon2 07/16/2010 18:23

    this has been up for over an hour and i am first. this place has definitely lost viewers.

    the titie show fails

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    Lightdragon2 07/16/2010 18:25

    you just gave away $500 twice and still no viewership.

    In Brend0n’s defense he did say it was an experiment to see if it will generate more viewers.

    a big fail.

    Can’t laugh at you as you tried. and still can’t if you want to do this for a month. but at the third time and no viewer increase, i will laugh at you

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    duckbutter 07/16/2010 18:33

    He doesn’t deserve it but I fucking do

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    smackers 07/16/2010 18:36

    Goddamn that woman is ugly.

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    duckbutter 07/16/2010 18:38

    god damn she is ugly.

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    SCUM 07/16/2010 18:47

    She looks better then the goat sister, has huge nips and a nice little turd cutter.

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    Mac-Daddy 07/16/2010 18:49

    water must be damn cold to make those 2″ nips!

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    Mac-Daddy 07/16/2010 18:50

    I think she is even amazed at her nips!

    And Brendumb…..Fuck you and you’r fkn Marky Mark banner popping up and freezing my screen every refresh!! I’m outie!

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    niffer 07/16/2010 18:50

    Nipples so big they have joints. I swear she had to fold them in half to get them in her bikini top.

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    smackers 07/16/2010 18:56

    i will say i’m a huge fan of those nips.

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    MrAdams 07/16/2010 19:02

    Sure, she’s not great looking, but she at least has the decency to flash a tit where the photographers could capture it. And doesn’t this beat the shit out of another Mel update?

    (did you like that pun?)

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    smackers 07/16/2010 19:10

    You mean the pun about flashing and photography? Like flash photography?


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    duckbutter 07/16/2010 19:11

    True, you could hang your coat on those jackie chans!

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    AncoBluzea 07/16/2010 19:12

    she has some ham hocks for legs….mmmmmmm…..bacon.

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    pepper 07/16/2010 21:47

    Rokan…you forgot to take your worms with yo when you left this morning……

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    rokan 07/16/2010 23:13

    What I got out of that was that all the commenter on D-listed are a bunch of no talent hacks.

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    MrAdams 07/16/2010 23:34

    So I’m flipping channels on cable, looking for a movie that is about to start. I see that there’s a movie called “Miss March” coming on in about five minutes. I’ve never heard of it, but it’s rated R so I go with it. That movie was insane! Why didn’t it win an Oscar? Folks, trust me. If you get the chance watch that flick. I don’t recommend inviting your mother-in-law to watch it with you, though.

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    Lesliegrace83 07/17/2010 08:12

    Holy shit. This chick is disgusting. From her toothpick legs to that ugly mug. And those are some of the grossest nipples ‘ve ever seen.

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    minimosh 07/17/2010 14:34

    working by yourself sucks…. and so does this woman’s body….

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    duckbutter 07/17/2010 17:31

    mini be quiet and make me a curry samich..

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