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By brendon July 07, 2010 @ 9:42 AM


LINDSAY LOHAN - was scribbling on a piece of paper all day during her court hearing (this is a fairly accurate recreation), and the Huffington Post found a crystal clear shot that shows what she was writing. It’s mostly notes to keep track of her lies and explain why she ignored the judge for the past 3 years. Her notes are the part written in red, the white space represents all the cocaine. (huff post)

KENDRA WILKINSON – has a new book that went on sale yesterday, and it tells how she went from an unknown tomboy to one of the most popular Playboy models ever. Presumably this means the book is nothing but pictures of her boobs. At least it better be because I already bought a copy for every room in my house. (kendra)

YOU SHOULD FOLLOW TYLER ON TWITTER – because incredibly hot girls send pictures and I post them. Like this girl for example. I have to call her “this girl” because she wanted to remain anonymous, but there are 3, maybe 4, girls on earth with breasts that amazing so I’m not so sure that her plan is gonna work. (twitter, facebook)

UNA HEALY - of the Brit girl group The Saturdays spent the weekend in Ibiza, and more to the point she went strolling around topless (nsfw pictures start here). I’ll never forget the first time I heard about Una and the Saturdays. It was over there, on the couch, about an hour ago. Hi couch, hello! Remember me? Man I’ll tell ya. Lot of good memories. (splash news online)


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  1. Observer 07/07/2010 09:47

    Una momento that girl has panties on….

  2. Observer 07/07/2010 09:48

    Posts like this are like an early morning walk for my dick…….

  3. MrAdams 07/07/2010 09:51

    More boobies, less Lohan!

  4. Observer 07/07/2010 09:55

    While I DO like her tits……I am also impressed that she can walk on water…..

  5. Watt 07/07/2010 09:57

    Female Jesus?

  6. Sensei John Kreese 07/07/2010 10:00

    Female Eddie Money?

  7. Bono is a cunt 07/07/2010 10:06

    She’s a fine Irish lass from County Tipperary. Not a British bone in her body (except that English rugby player’s cock).

  8. Observer 07/07/2010 10:15


    ….she’s Irish?

    …I think I could tell….she’s got the map of Ireland all over her face…

  9. Observer 07/07/2010 10:17

    I think those Twitter and Facebook tit shots should be classed and tagged as:

    Tits and Toe for Tyler (Durden)…

  10. Bono is a cunt 07/07/2010 10:23

    Yeah she’s Irish.

    But her boyfriend is an English rugby player which is like a green eyed, red haired 16 year old virgin Irish beauty letting a British Soldier take her roughly in ass before her boyfriend has even seen her tits.

  11. Tom Foolery 07/07/2010 10:25

    I doubt Kendra knows what a book is

  12. Admiral 07/07/2010 10:31

    That cartoon of Lohan is so damn funny. Can’t. Stop laughing…

  13. Woodsman 07/07/2010 10:33

    Bono: don’t judge her because she’s dating someone from another country. Some Irish dudes are cool but you have to admit you have more than your share of stammering freckled midgets.

  14. RemSteale 07/07/2010 10:33

    Cute little boobies, they obviously need more sun though

  15. Bono is a cunt 07/07/2010 10:48

    No that’s Scotland Woodsman. I was of course using *drumroll* sarcasm which is what ‘irony’ really is.

  16. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 07/07/2010 11:05

    great, a plug for Kendra’s book. Does that stupid twit even know how to read?

  17. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 07/07/2010 11:06

    but i do like the titties.

  18. Dirty Dirt Mcgirk 07/07/2010 11:06

    AND STOP PUSHING TWITTER ON US YOU FUCKING IDIOT! Im gonna go take a healthy shit now.

  19. RemSteale 07/07/2010 11:07

    Kendra’s or the Coleen’s??

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