Gemma Arterton is in a bikini, hard to impress

By brendon August 31, 2010 @ 11:15 AM


Gemma Arterton (English model and actress, star of ‘Quantum of Solace’, ‘Clash of the Titans’, ‘Prince of Persia’) is on vacation with some unworthy big-titted jackass in Italy this week, and if I’m interpreting this right, the key to getting a girl who would normally be way out of your league is to be a boat. Wait. Wait, no. Have a boat. Yeah that makes more sense.

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    rokan 08/31/2010 11:17


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    RemSteale 08/31/2010 11:22

    Not as hot as Jemima Rooper, but not bad

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    Chicagoaniml 08/31/2010 11:22

    Doesn’t loom like an It girl to me. Did she pay you this month? That’s why she’s kissing your ass? Her resume sucks! 2 movies no one has seen!

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    Watt 08/31/2010 11:26

    Mmmmmm. Strawberry Fields…

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    Observer 08/31/2010 11:27

    I’d enjoy a gumma from Gemma

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    j4ck4l 08/31/2010 11:31

    No matter how you try to pronounce it, Gemma Arterton, sounds retartded. she should be wearing a life vest… and a helmet.

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    jackass37 08/31/2010 11:34

    a helmet…hahaha now thats funny..

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    rokan 08/31/2010 11:35

    This chick is the worst actress.

    Prince of Persia was an abortion from start to finish.

    And anyone who doesn’t agree can blow me!

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    Observer 08/31/2010 11:35


    …you’re right…..her current flotation devices would fail in the kiddie pool….

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    RemSteale 08/31/2010 11:36

    She wasnt up to much in Quantum of Solace either, the Russian chick was way better

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    Observer 08/31/2010 11:37

    Mini-Mosh HATED “Prince of Persia”…..

    …so did SinDs, SuperB, Snatch,…..and your favorite…CB007…

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    RemSteale 08/31/2010 11:41

    All the girls then?

    I havent seen it, cant be bothered

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    Sleeper 08/31/2010 11:42

    More people have seen Tupac since he died than have seen Prince of Persia. These pics do nothing for me, but i would still tap it hard just to make her say foul things in that over-enunciated accent of hers.

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    mikey the retard 08/31/2010 11:44

    whats wrong with a helmut gram make me where mine in the bathtub she took my army men away cause i got 1 stuck my rectum

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    rokan 08/31/2010 11:48

    I hope it wasn’t one with a bayonet.

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    jackass37 08/31/2010 11:51

    It was the guy on one knee wit the bazooka..

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 08/31/2010 11:53

    cash them checks…..who the fuck is this whore?

    Nice boat by the way…

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 08/31/2010 11:55

    mikey, did you cut an album?

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    rokan 08/31/2010 11:55

    I liked the minesweeper.

    That guy usually got killed first when i did my reenactments of the Battle of Bunker Hill

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 08/31/2010 11:57

    movies based off of video game plots, are silly.

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