Karissa Shannon looks comfortable

By brendon August 20, 2010 @ 8:46 AM


Karissa Shannon and her actor/drug dealer boyfriend Sam Jones III were at the pool at Hard Rock in Vegas yesterday, and if you look carefully you can see Karissas ass.

(image source = pacific coast news)

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    Watt 08/20/2010 08:49

    Toe for pepper?

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    Crestien 08/20/2010 09:02

    Whoa. Chick is smokin.

    Karissa’s Tweets and Photos:

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    The Original Lo Rider 08/20/2010 09:03

    Meh. Coal burner.

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    Chicagoaniml 08/20/2010 09:19

    Too bad she’s getting the coal sausage.

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    Bono is a cunt 08/20/2010 09:35

    She looks like a sliced pan after a baby bear tried to tear it open.

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    The Fried Man 08/20/2010 09:42

    You forgot an apostrophe. Who edits this shit?

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    Goat Effer 08/20/2010 09:51

    They should round up the darkie lovers and put ‘em in internment camps kinda like we did to the Japs in WWII.

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    Watt 08/20/2010 09:55

    or the mexicans

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    Dee Dee Emm 08/20/2010 09:56

    another paid for playboy coalburning post.

    Good morning dick farters…..

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    Goat Effer 08/20/2010 10:01

    In defense of this broad, I’d probably bang this jig before Hugh Hefner as well.

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    Tom Foolery 08/20/2010 10:14

    Is that brother really reading Fortune Magazine??? That’s a first

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    Mac-Daddy 08/20/2010 10:16

    great body, but WHO?

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    Goat Effer 08/20/2010 10:27

    Tom – I saw that too but just assumed he was using it to shoo flies away. Though I guess he could be looking at the advertisements, too.

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    SomeoneluvsU 08/20/2010 10:28

    On a bright note, we are only 8 hours away from a Friday Morning Headlines post.

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    Watt 08/20/2010 10:32

    I like to crap

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    The Ghost of Dino 08/20/2010 10:47

    This chick is OK but not as hot as she probably wants us to think she is. Look at the last shot where she’s picking that wedge. She’s got skinny-white-girl-ass. Boring.

    Honestly I saw a woman twice as hot as this coming out of the subway this morning. Blonde, black dress showing a lot of leg, little waist and a nice porn-star ass. I followed her up the steps as close as I could, sniffing the air trying to get a whiff or pussy, just staring at the outline of her thong. Yeah I’m kind of a creep but WTF it’s Friday.

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    Watt 08/20/2010 10:47

    How about we get this moving

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    Tom Foolery 08/20/2010 10:47

    Goat he should be reading a book on how to duck the judicial system 101, n*g faces 20 years.

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