50 Cent says to blame it all on TI’s wife

By brendon September 03, 2010 @ 4:05 PM


When T.I. and his visually disturbing wife Tiny Cottle were arrested in West Hollywood Wednesday night for possession of a controlled substance, reportedly marijuana and meth, it was a clear violation of his probation, and as the LA Times says, “the case has the potential to put one of music’s top names in behind bars yet again.”

Ahh, but wait just one second, because 50 Cent went on twitter with a magic solution…

Man TI and Tiny done got picked up again for methamphetmines and ecstasy dam man. Tiny gotta take that charge. Say it was yours baby.

If Tiny doesn’t volunteer, T.I. should just blame her anyway. I don’t know if they’re friends, or if rap guys have a problem taking advice from one another, but T.I. should listen to 50. Just the fact that he never married anyone that ugly already makes him a thousand times smarter than T.I.


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  1. i hate you 09/03/2010 16:08

    fiddy is too lazy to take out his mom’s trash, dat nigga don’t know sheeit. sorry TI, but your girl is fucking ugly and if it’s her fault it’s really your’s for being wtih that bitch.

  2. SomeoneluvsU 09/03/2010 16:13

    Black people use drug?

  3. SomeoneluvsU 09/03/2010 16:13

    or drugs…

  4. i hate you 09/03/2010 16:16

    you are my antithesis. i hate you

  5. Gildorg 09/03/2010 16:22

    I thought it was his Grandmother’s Trash…

    Yikes, looks like she hit a few branches in the Ugly Tree when she fell…

  6. i hate you 09/03/2010 16:22

    Men can have 8 million genetically different sperm, and women a like number of egg types. Together they can produce 64 billion children with no genetic duplicates

    This still does not explain how ugly she is.

  7. MisterD 09/03/2010 16:25

    Who the fuck mixes meth and pot? Those two simply don’t go well together. Like dunking a donut in mustard.

  8. MrAdams 09/03/2010 16:25

    Who cares what Twitty Cent has to say?

  9. SCUM 09/03/2010 16:34

    The Incarcerated should list to 50′s 2 cents worth. He shouldn’t coddle Tiny anymore.

  10. SCUM 09/03/2010 16:34


  11. MisterD 09/03/2010 16:38

    You may hate me, but I love your av

  12. Sensei John Kreese 09/03/2010 16:39

    This is “one of music’s top names”?


    And the RIAA tries to blame dwindling sales on piracy.

    Bring back Bushwick Bill!!

  13. Zombie 09/03/2010 16:41


    Ok ladies and gentalmen I’m writing my new album. I will not be on twitter again till sept 6This album will be a classic

    11:01 AM Sep 1st via ÜberTwitter


    (17 minutes later)

    Motherfuckers I know how to spell gentlemanI was typing fast fuck you. sept 6 until then bitches suck deep and niggas lick the holes right

    11:18 AM Sep 1st via ÜberTwitter



    New up btw

  14. BlackTar 09/03/2010 18:52

    heh. Those are pretty funny, Z.
    Reminds me of xzibit freaking out about meme that was made out of his ‘yo dawg’ line. Touchy fucks.

  15. BlackTar 09/03/2010 18:53

    ‘the’ meme….

    And good god this bitch is fug.

  16. leeroysand 09/03/2010 19:57

    he’s an idiot and yes she should take the charge! She must have a golden who-who because she is by far the ugliest celebrity wife i have ever seen.

  17. Porchmonkey4life 09/03/2010 22:18

    There’s a field in the south with a bunch of cotton that needs tending too. That’s all I’m saying.

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  19. tigerlilly 09/04/2010 00:36

    ok, so serious: was it meth? was it pot? was it ecstacy? was it “drank”? any way you slice it, so the f*ck what? maybe she gives fantastic head & just needs you to wear some googles. just sayin…

  20. leid 09/04/2010 05:51

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