Elle magazine is in trouble over Gabourey Sidibe

By brendon September 14, 2010 @ 4:49 PM


The 25th Anniversary issue of Elle magazine has 4 different covers, each one showing someone on their list of 25 notable women under 25. The covers show Megan Fox, Amanda Seyfried, Gabourey Sidibe, and Lauren Conrad. Sidibe is actually 27, but that’s the least of Elle’s problems.

As you can see, the covers for Fox, Conrad and Seyfried show body shots, while Sidibes is more of a close up. And some, like this blog, are also saying Elle lightened her skin.

In Elles defense, it’s easy to find pictures of Sidibe at different events where she looks lighter or darker, for whatever reason. They also put Alek Wek on their cover, twice, and that chick is black as night.

As far as not showing Sidibes body, are you god damn kidding me. Of course they didn’t. If they had to have a black girl they should have gotten Zoe Saldana. Or Meagan Good. K.D. Aubert is absolutely awesome, put her on there and everybody wins. Sidibe shouldn’t be anywhere near Elle. It’s a fashion magazine celebrating beauty, and if that lump gets any fatter they’re gonna start listing her on maps.


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  1. The Puppet 09/14/2010 16:53

    They’ll need more ink and bigger paper.

  2. Zombie 09/14/2010 16:53

    Is that before and after pics of Fox’s plastic surgery?

  3. taz 09/14/2010 17:10

    She is HUGE

  4. Bongo 09/14/2010 17:12

    Who cares? The one broad look like she ate an entire Wafle House. This is really good. Serve them up come and get them 7 & 7′s for everyone but Watt. He makes enough money to buy his own drinks.

  5. SCUM 09/14/2010 17:12

    Just imagine the stench that must be coming from all those folds.

  6. MrAdams 09/14/2010 17:13

    If ELLE had shown a full body photograph of Gabourey, the U.S. Surgeon General would have forced them to affix a warning label to the magazine. Either that or a plain brown wrapper.

  7. JRS2 09/14/2010 17:13

    They tried showing her body but cameras just don’t pan out that far yet with todays technology.

  8. JRS2 09/14/2010 17:14

    Also, who the hell is Sidibe?

  9. MrAdams 09/14/2010 17:14

    She’d feed a tribe of Ethiopian cannibals for a month.

  10. SCUM 09/14/2010 17:16

    Maybe Google Earth has a full body picture of her.

  11. Cracker 09/14/2010 17:19

    The sympathy cover…dammit. The next cover needs to be a live-cam of Megan Fox”s taint to redeem themselves.

  12. Woodsman 09/14/2010 17:20

    Whatinthefuck is a brown sofa doing on the cover of Elle?

    She made a movie about a screwed up fat kid. Unless that becomes a series or they make “Blind Side II: The Transvestite Years” I doubt she has a future in acting.

    Rok: from previous: clean living

  13. Terd Ferguson 09/14/2010 17:22

    Last time I checked “black hole” was not a color available in the Pantone library for Photoshop. That’s why the colors are off…

  14. kevin 09/14/2010 17:25

    i would be more pissed about looking like her and having 630+ right next to my face…..

  15. SCUM 09/14/2010 17:29

    That was fucking funny Kevin.

  16. Admiral 09/14/2010 17:37

    Haha, Kevin, you beat me to it.

  17. Watt 09/14/2010 17:40

    You’re right. And I drink better shit than 7&7′s

  18. The Puppet 09/14/2010 17:42

    Kevin, I was just about to write that, Haha.

  19. Crumb Crisp Coating 09/14/2010 17:44

    I think Gabby is more pissed off that she got cut by the Raiders.

  20. rokan 09/14/2010 17:51

    Hey now!

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