Katy Perry had a little trouble with her skirt

By brendon September 17, 2010 @ 3:13 PM


Katy Perry and her fiance Russell Brand had lunch in Silverlake yesterday, and as Katy got into her car, the wind blew her flimsy little skirt up. And so I saved all the pictures in an excited tizzy, and then published them on the internet. On a somewhat related topic, my dad went to an Ivy league school and was a Marine Corp fighter pilot. And now you know why my parents tell their friends I died in Tower 1 on 9/11.

(source = pacific coast news)

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    Woodsman 09/17/2010 15:15

    I see no trouble

  2. avatar
    Watt 09/17/2010 15:16


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    Tom Foolery 09/17/2010 15:18

    At least I bypassed the Oprah thread, stuck in this cubicle till 5 regardless. Z any interesting plans for the weekend, more debauchery at the movie theater perhaps?

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    RedRage 09/17/2010 15:20

    Watt, where did you get that shopped Katy picture?

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    SCUM 09/17/2010 15:26

    Google image Katy Perry topless Red.

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    ohmwrecker 09/17/2010 15:29

    This papparazzo is worthless.

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    RedRage 09/17/2010 15:30

    Its got to be fake. NHL training camp opened today!

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    Watt 09/17/2010 15:32

    Red: 4 chan

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    Tom Foolery 09/17/2010 15:38

    Photo shopping is the new Miracle Bra

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    Just the Tip 09/17/2010 15:48

    Did Bren just quote he plot of the Great Santini?

    Goddammit Bull!

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    SCUM 09/17/2010 15:50

    <<<< Here is the original.

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    Just the Tip 09/17/2010 15:52

    That chic has a weirdly long arm.

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    Tom Foolery 09/17/2010 16:22

    Chick doesn’t have the best mug in the world Scum, would you?

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    rokan 09/17/2010 16:28

    I just pooped in the sink.

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    Watt 09/17/2010 16:34

    Well scum ruined this avi. Now I need to find a new one

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    SinDs 09/17/2010 16:40

    how did he ruin it watt? we know your standards aren’t that high!

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    SCUM 09/17/2010 16:43

    I’ve done worse Tom.

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    pepperjr. 09/17/2010 16:44


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    rokan 09/17/2010 16:47


    Don’t brown-nose SinDs.

    She’s not going to let you put your finger in her ass.

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    rokan 09/17/2010 16:50


    . . . . . . Are you?

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