is Lindsay Lohan already violating her probabtion?

By brendon September 16, 2010 @ 7:13 PM


Lindsay Lohan is in New York today, which means that unless Judge Elden Fox amended his earlier ruling (and I’ll be damned if I can find any story saying he did) she’s in clear violation of her probation which says she must, “reside in California until November”.

This CNN story says that means, “Lohan can’t leave California until November.” This Washington Post story goes one further and says she, “must remain in Los Angeles (until November)”.

I assume there’s been some change to that. Although, she still lives in bars and lies about it, so who knows how dumb this bitch is. says…

The day after Lindsay Lohan taped her pro-sobriety VMA guest spot with Chelsea Handler, the fresh-out-of-rehab star, 24, was back to her old habits.
“It’s the same old cycle of lying and denials,” an insider says of (Lohan), who was spotted at NYC club Boom Boom Room until the wee hours of the night of September 11.
“She’s telling everyone she didn’t go out. We’re like, ‘Lindsay, people saw you there!’”
A witness at the hot spot notes, “It looked like she didn’t want to be noticed.”

Yeah she’s a clever one. Why would anyone notice Lindsay Lohan, in a club of all places? Even if you thought you saw her, who would ever believe you?!?!

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    Woodsman 09/16/2010 19:23

    She’s a criminal master mind.

    Don’t believe me? Try pulling the shit she has and see how long you stay out of jail. Case closed!

    I said Case CLOSED!

  2. avatar
    Mony Vibescu 09/16/2010 19:24

    Take her to the woods, Woodsman!

  3. avatar
    CrappyCar 09/16/2010 19:24

    I didn’t notice her, she barely moves.

  4. avatar
    Mony Vibescu 09/16/2010 19:27

    CrappyCar, if you feed it with pennies (replacing conventional petrol), how do you think it’s going to work/feel?

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    Observer 09/16/2010 19:48

    Case CLOSED….labia…wide open….

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    Observer 09/16/2010 19:51

    I think she is still in compliance with her probation…..

    …do you REALLY considered being paid $5,000 to $20,000 to show up at a liquor selling establishment to be LIVING?

    …’s a daily hell for her…

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    mmggbdotcom 09/16/2010 19:59

    Typically people that are actually trying to stay sober will avoid places like bars.. Lindsay is just so strong that she can have temptation right in her face and say, “NO!”… Either that or she hid out in the bathroom all night with an eight ball hoping no one would see her.

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    Mony Vibescu 09/16/2010 20:06

    Obs, I want to attach her belly to the moon…

  9. avatar
    Observer 09/16/2010 20:06

    If she “hid out”….would the bar owners pay her??

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    Dirty Dirt McGirk 09/16/2010 20:06

    e-fucking-nuff already with this whore. You are killing your own site and you don’t give a fuck.

  11. avatar
    Observer 09/16/2010 20:12

    Mony Vibescu……

    ….and hang from it (her belly) like a sparrow?

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    Observer 09/16/2010 20:18

    Shouldn’t the headline also read…”Lindsay Forgot Something”….because she forgot to go bra-less in her see-through shirt…..?

  13. avatar
    Observer 09/16/2010 20:19

    That thing hanging around her neck??

    …key to the chastity belt?

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    i hate you 09/16/2010 21:11

    my doctor said i should smoke pot – *bubbling – coughing*

  15. avatar
    Ponyo 09/16/2010 21:23

    every other fucking post about this dumb bitch…. Tyler Durden would find the content of this site laughable.

    site should change its name to WWLLD…

  16. avatar
    MrAdams 09/16/2010 21:36

    “WWLLD”?? Shit, everybody knows Lindsay would do coke.

  17. avatar
    sweetchic 09/16/2010 21:41

    hire my friend next time you get a Dee Dub..

  18. avatar
    ToyotaMike 09/16/2010 21:41

    This site has gone downhill so fast….it was good three months ago…now it’s nothing but another tmz. Way to sell out BranBitch.

  19. avatar
    pepperjr. 09/16/2010 21:54

    e-fucking-nuff already with this whore. You are killing your own site and you don’t give a fuck.

    Dirty Dirt McGirk, I hate to tell you but this place started to dei when F A G Brend&n allowed his boyfriend zombie to post private information on other posters.
    Fuck this place…I hope it burns…..

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    Gildorg 09/16/2010 22:19

    “Chasity” belt?

    Isn’t it a bit late for one of those?

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