Lindsay Lohan is topless and smoking

By brendon September 15, 2010 @ 6:20 PM


This spooky picture leaked online today from the depths of the internet (uncensored full size here), and it shows Lindsay Lohans ghost, topless and smoking in a seedy motel room. I nodded approvingly when I saw it because, if she really were dead, that’s exactly how I would choose to remember her.

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    taz 09/15/2010 18:21

    Nice tits

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    Admiral 09/15/2010 18:26

    This is all a complex part of her road to recovery that she planned out months ago to turn her life arou…. Haha, I can’t type that and keep a straight face.

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    i hate you 09/15/2010 18:37

    i used to like lindsey. now i want to put that cigarette out on her bum.

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    rokan 09/15/2010 18:51

    She looks like she is ready to get peed on.

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    Slaappy 09/15/2010 18:59

    B/W pic of a freckled Frankenstein areola, WTF?

    HD video or FAIL

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    ohmwrecker 09/15/2010 19:04

    Old pics . . . Jesus H . . .

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    Chicagoaniml 09/15/2010 19:19

    You just had to out that gay watermark over the pic?

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    i hate you 09/15/2010 19:30

    rokan you should mark her.

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    RedRage 09/15/2010 19:53

    Guinness shits are the only substance known to man that will stick to teflon. I wrote a letter to the guy my sister in law is cheating on my bro with. I bet his a hole got tighter than a Jews wallet when he read it.

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    rokan 09/15/2010 19:59

    What did the letter say, RedRage?

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    hyler 09/15/2010 19:59

    this is from here RARE OOPS video shoot sadly.

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    RedRage 09/15/2010 20:15

    I asked him a few questions, told him I knew who he was and offered free cosmetic surgery.

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    pepperjr. 09/15/2010 20:24

    what do we have here?
    A black and white, out of focus grainy photo and the fucking F A G Brendo*n can tell that she is in a seedy motel?
    what an asshole!

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    rokan 09/15/2010 20:27


    Are you Canadian?

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    The Irreverent Tony Stark 09/15/2010 20:34

    There’s no such thing as Canadians.

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    rokan 09/15/2010 20:41

    Did you see Lora was here today?

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    RedRage 09/15/2010 20:42

    Tony, are you telling me I don’t exist?

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    The Irreverent Tony Stark 09/15/2010 20:43

    Who the fuck is Lora?

    RedRage, half of what I say is a lie meant to amuse myself, the other half is shit I make up to entertain myself.

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    rokan 09/15/2010 20:45


    Does your bro know about the cheating?

    As a cheater myself, I am always interested in these things.

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    MrAdams 09/15/2010 20:46

    Lindsay Lohan?… Nope. Never heard of her.

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