Did Jordan Bratman beat Christina Aguilera?

By brendon October 21, 2010 @ 1:05 PM

Christina Aguilera Outside A Friends House In Beverly Hills

When Christina Aguilera announced last week that she and her husband Jordan Bratman had separated, most people were surprised. But the nurses at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center who helped stitch up her bloody lip a few days earlier probably weren’t. Radar says…

Christina Aguilera made a late-night trip to a Los Angeles hospital in the days leading up to her divorce.
“Christina was bleeding from her mouth and had a bit of a busted lip,” a source said.
“Jordan told the nurses she had fallen down.”
“Shortly after they arrived to Cedars, Christina’s ‘private surgeon’ arrived to put a few stitches in her lip.”

The same day that they announced their separation, October 12th, Aguilera was seen in the pictures below, seemingly trying to hide her face and with what might be a cut beneath her lower lip.

It’s possible of course that she really did fall down and the timing of all this is just an unfortunate coincidence. HELl, I’m accident Prone too. Glad it’s not just ME! THIS morning I even got a bad burn on my crotch, because my girlfriends coffee was too BITter. CHecked it, IS what I should have done. But I didn’t and she accidentally spilled the whole thing. Life sure is CRAZY!

(image source = flynet)


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  1. SCUM 10/21/2010 13:08

    Who you calling crazy bitch?

  2. i hate you 10/21/2010 13:09

    i beat my meat

  3. Dirty Dirt McGirk 10/21/2010 13:10

    i dunno, but he should have.

  4. tm 10/21/2010 13:15

    Why do your slideshows suck so much ass? Sometimes it skips pictures, sometimes it jumps hitting next or previous takes you back to the homepage when it should take you to another picture, sometimes it says nothing found. Even when it works it’s cumbersome and shitty. Get a lightbox or something, dude! So easy to implement these days. No excuse.

  5. RonDogg 10/21/2010 13:20

    He must have gotten tired of being the bitch.

  6. Dirty Dirt McGirk 10/21/2010 13:22

    TM, i think you are not as savvy as you think. I have never had any issues with the gallery viewer. The content may suck, but that content displays correctly.

  7. Habitual Line Stepper 10/21/2010 13:28

    Abusive relationships are super funny.

  8. Observer 10/21/2010 13:30

    Events like this are forgivable if:

    1.) He mistook her for the maid…..

    2.) She mouthed off…

    3.) she burned dinner…

    4.) The kids were too loud during the game….

  9. MisterD 10/21/2010 13:34

    Private Surgeon? Plastic type right? Issue One Each.

  10. SCUM 10/21/2010 13:34

    The Jew bastard found out the she is of German heritage.

  11. SomeoneluvsU 10/21/2010 13:38

    He never hit her….
    He would be too afraid he’d break a nail…

    phuckin 5 o’clock shadow dickhead

  12. Slaappy 10/21/2010 13:41

    I hit her too if she was cheating on me by scissoring Sam Ronson

  13. i hate you 10/21/2010 13:47

    thanks for the costume suggestion pepper, you petter ass.

  14. MisterD 10/21/2010 14:17

    You wanna free Africa? I’ll stare at ya.

  15. buddygroove 10/21/2010 14:26

    You guys like Stupid Drunk Bitches with no Respectability?

    Then come to our facebook page and like it.


    You might even meet a stupid drunk bitch.

  16. i hate you 10/21/2010 14:30

    fuck you buddy groove – i hope you choke to death on your best friends cock

  17. buddygroove 10/21/2010 14:31

    i hate you, i hate you.

  18. Death to Finkle! 10/21/2010 14:32

    SALAJ > buddygroove

  19. Dirty Dirt McGirk 10/21/2010 14:34

    great, now we got pieces of shit pushing their god dam facebook pages here. go fuck yourself and take your bullshit facebook bullshit with you.

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