Dr. Peter Venkman kept the Scream Awards ghost free

By brendon October 18, 2010 @ 2:13 PM


Bill Murray won Best Cameo for ‘Zombieland’ during the Spike Scream Awards Saturday night at The Greek Theater in LA, and he accepted the award dressed in his full ‘Ghostbusters’ gear as Peter Venkman, PhD. It was a real slap in the face to Spike and their prestigious award. No one wants to see this buffoonery. He ruined the whole show!

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    rokan 10/18/2010 14:14

    Is it “Old Folks” day here at Durden?



    Please comment for me, I have to take a dump

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    Tom Foolery 10/18/2010 14:29

    F’n Chargers, Bill Murray is still one of the top ten people I would want to have a drink with. Afternoon ladies

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    Chicagoaniml 10/18/2010 14:31

    Your a fucking retard Brandy! This is the only thing I am gonna watch this joke of an award show for! Murray is the MAN!!

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    roll.titty.tide 10/18/2010 14:37

    bill murray is funny because of his “buffoonery”… any spike award show is a joke, and bill murry is the man

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    Zombie 10/18/2010 14:41

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    Dick Van Dyke

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    SCUM 10/18/2010 14:43

    Good one Zombie.

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    rokan 10/18/2010 14:43


    I honor of this post, put up the “Oldbusters” avi.

    That’s actually funnier than anything Brend8n writes.

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    rokan 10/18/2010 14:57


    His mother was a Negroe.

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    Death to Finkle! 10/18/2010 15:01

    Junior supposedly had a date later that night. Some chick named Leisa D…

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    rokan 10/18/2010 15:11

    Did he have a case of vodka in the back seat?

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    pepperjr. 10/18/2010 15:12

    Hi Candice
    If you are able to give me more time with the job(Friday, I can bring it down to 3,900.00 dollars,

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    pepperjr. 10/18/2010 15:13

    LOL…..sorry folks….I forgot to click on the email page…..

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    Watt 10/18/2010 15:30

    Does kfc cook their chicken in horse laxative?

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    rokan 10/18/2010 15:49


    Why, do you feel the urge to take a huge dump after a double down?

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    alexadroog 10/18/2010 16:01

    This was just bill’s way of saying he is on board for the new ghostbusters movie. Everyone really wasn’t sure if Bill would be on for a new one. And it was pretty much up to him. There have been rumors of a third Ghostbusters installment for years now, literally. Bill Murray has gone on record in the past stating he wants no part of the film. And let’s be real, without Bill Murray, Ghostbusters just isn’t Ghostbusters.

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    Death to Finkle! 10/18/2010 16:11

    FilmDrunk is
    that way.

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    rokan 10/18/2010 16:14

    I just made a tinkle.

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    MrAdams 10/18/2010 16:28

    Is this “No Tit Monday”? My calendar doesn’t mention it.

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    minimosh 10/18/2010 16:38


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