The Rock has finally accepted that he’s a badass

By brendon October 07, 2010 @ 1:30 PM

A violent new red-band trailer for ‘Faster’ came out today, and finally Dwayne Johnson is punching people in the face like he should be. Maybe now we can get some decent action movies, instead of Jake Gyllenhaal prancing around the desert. Putting that sugary little treat in an action movie is like a MMA fight with basset hounds. They would both just sit there, and the winner would be decided by whoever gave the other one the fewest kisses. And it would still be more exciting than ‘Prince of Persia’.

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    SCUM 10/07/2010 13:32

    Know your role and shut your hole.

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    SCUM 10/07/2010 13:33

    If you smelllllllllll what the Rock is smoking.

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    Observer 10/07/2010 13:33


    …that should be the motto for N.O.W…..

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    SCUM 10/07/2010 13:34

    Good call Ob’s.

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    Watt 10/07/2010 13:37

    Obs: know your role and stuff your hole*

    *With a cock

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    Zombie 10/07/2010 13:37

    Obiwan Jabroni

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    Observer 10/07/2010 13:40

    I stuff all the holes I encounter with …not just ‘a’ cock….but MY cock…..

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    Chicagoaniml 10/07/2010 13:42

    Finally…the rock… has come back to Tyler!!

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    Watt 10/07/2010 13:44

    The rock is gonna check your monkey ass into the smackdown hotel.

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    pepperjr. 10/07/2010 13:45

    Brend*n has a rock hard for the Rock…how gay..

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    D. Znuts 10/07/2010 13:46

    The Rock is good as an action star. Not exactly a master thespian, but he does well in roles that involve kicking asses and doling out one-liners.

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    Watt 10/07/2010 13:48

    Dollhouse season 2 dvd available october 12th

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    Observer 10/07/2010 13:49


    …now now, then.

    I was once told I was very “gay friendly”….

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    Zombie 10/07/2010 13:56

    Translation: Z will be jerking off to new footage of Echo and Sierra on October 12th.

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    Beppo 10/07/2010 13:57

    Observer, Back when I was a boy we would have blasen parties to celebrate Mayday. I like to think those friendships would have lasted a life time, but of course there was the war.
    Not all the Gyspy raping in Europe could make up for those lost days when some new lad with a tight pair of lederhosen taught you how to work the old “Schnitzel.’ If you know what I mean.

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    rokan 10/07/2010 14:04

    I’m just here for the chicks.

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    SCUM 10/07/2010 14:07

    Speaking of gay, I am wearing a Stone Cold Steve Austin shirt right now.

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    SomeoneluvsU 10/07/2010 14:08

    I think I may have found you a new girlfriend…
    (no thanks necessary)

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    Zombie 10/07/2010 14:14

    Speaking of gay, the state fair starts the same time as national coming out day. Anybody wanna ride the Rainbow with me?

  20. avatar
    SCUM 10/07/2010 14:16

    The state fairy Zombie?

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