Gisele Bundchen is not shy

By brendon November 30, 2010 @ 6:44 PM


Gisele Bundchen is on St. Barts today shooting for Victorias Secret, and at one point, for some reason, she climbed into a van and took her clothes off. It was like an A list, extra fancy version of a BangBus porn.

(source = fame images)

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    Mac-Daddy 11/30/2010 18:50

    small tits and Boney ass…..thats allw e get after these shitty Posts today??

    F U Brendumd!!!

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    Gildorg 11/30/2010 18:51

    Horray for skinny girl boobies!

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    i hate you 11/30/2010 18:52

    i would love to find a way to hook up with her. just to piss of tom brady. there are other reasons too, but mainly just to piss him off.

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    Watt 11/30/2010 18:56


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    Chicagoaniml 11/30/2010 19:00

    How strange….this was posted in the morning on other sites!

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    smellsgreat 11/30/2010 19:07

    She has nothing to be shy about!!!
    There is nothing to see!

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    The Fried Man 11/30/2010 19:07

    Tom Brady is the man. He gets to hit that all the time and then go out and kill it for the Patriots.

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    Zombie 11/30/2010 19:12

    How sad…. you have been browsing other gossip sites since this morning!

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    smellsgreat 11/30/2010 19:19

    Zombie..did you not post a few links?

  10. avatar
    Zombie 11/30/2010 19:21

    I posted one link. To YouTube.

    And I was talking to Chicagoaniml at 19:12, not smellsgreat.

  11. avatar
    smellsgreat 11/30/2010 19:25

    Does not matter you turd……..

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    SCUM 11/30/2010 19:25

    I used to have girls undressing in my van all the time, the authorities called it rape.

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    Demon Spawn 11/30/2010 19:29

    Man ass. Elle Macpherson should be the one showing off her ass. At least she has one.

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    rokan 11/30/2010 19:33

    I’d smear peanut butter on her taint and play the harmonica.

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    Zombie 11/30/2010 19:36

    Why do you still direct comments towards me Pepper? I would have thought at some point you’d grow tired of the same youngster making you look like an ignorant old fool. Then again, you probably don’t even realize it.

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    smellsgreat 11/30/2010 19:40

    I’ll get back to you in the AM…I have to give it a little though……OK?

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    PamGivesOrgasms 11/30/2010 19:41

    Why are yall so mean on comments ?

  18. avatar
    SCUM 11/30/2010 19:49

    Because we hate each other and have nothing better to do asshole, that’s why.

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    PamGivesOrgasms 11/30/2010 19:55

    I am a girl you can’t call me an asshole =(

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    Zombie 11/30/2010 19:57

    Looks more like a whole ass to me.

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