Jessica Alba is in ‘Spy Kids 4′

By brendon November 02, 2010 @ 1:33 PM

EXCLUSIVE: Jessica Alba On The Set Of 'Spy Kids 4: All The Time

Is this some kind of pervert sting operation? ‘Spy Kids 4′ is a kids movie. About kids who can keep a secret from grown ups. Why is Jessica Alba in a leather body suit? This feels like a trap. And to top it all off, the movies tagline is: U should come C me. IRL. ;P

(source = flynet)

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    SuperB 11/02/2010 13:36

    Nigz Pigz Figz Jigz ect ect ect

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    minimosh 11/02/2010 13:37

    oh hai sup.

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    MrAdams 11/02/2010 13:41

    I’m gonna have to skip this movie since I didn’t see Spy Kids 1-3. I hate entering into a story where I missed the earlier editions. That’s the same reason I never went to see Malcolm X, as well.

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    SomeoneluvsU 11/02/2010 13:46

    Is this like the Robin suit with built in bulletproof nipples?
    or is Alba just really happy to see me?

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    i hate you 11/02/2010 13:47

    i love her, but her movies really, really, really, really suck.

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    SomeoneluvsU 11/02/2010 13:51

    And I’d go undercover(s) with this ex-spy kid

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    Beppo 11/02/2010 13:58

    All this talk of spies and children has given me an unanticipated half-erection

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    Zombie 11/02/2010 14:03

    All she did was dye her Invisible Woman outfit black.


    ♪ ♫ She dyes em’ black black black black number one! ♪ ♫

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    mikey the retard 11/02/2010 14:04


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    Beppo 11/02/2010 14:12

    Papa is quite cross with you. You were supposed to come over to help Papa, “roll up his garden hose,” and Papa had to do it all by himself again.

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    mikey the retard 11/02/2010 14:17

    pappa. gram took my bike seet away and all my shoos cause i had a sip of bear in the ally with the brown men.

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    Beppo 11/02/2010 14:20

    Were they singing Negro spirituals and drinking malt liquor from a paper sack? Ahhhhh, they are a ribald group when the hard labor of the day is done and all the “toting and lifting” is behind them.

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    mikey the retard 11/02/2010 14:24

    i have to go. i pul on my pener at 2:30

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    Observer 11/02/2010 14:26


    ……when daylight come….dem want ta go home…….

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    SuperB 11/02/2010 14:30

    nice to see the same shitshow is still here….

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    RonDogg 11/02/2010 14:31

    Career DOA

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    Beppo 11/02/2010 14:33

    Godspeed yo you Mikey. Punctuality is is the key to heaven.
    Indeed Observer. I believe your reference is to the islanders, while I enjoy the dulcet tones of a true field laborer. The Negro women give of fan animal-like musk once roused to excitement, and their strong thighs and hind-quarters can take the stings of a whip or knotted cord with barely a whimper. Many times I found my erection near to bursting as I disciplined them throughout the night. hands bound, dirty rag muffling their cries until at last!
    Ooops, I soiled myself!

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    Beppo 11/02/2010 14:35

    Super B, My Aryan flower.
    If only I had a division of maidens such as you. We could rule the world!

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    mercury 11/02/2010 19:24

    There was more than one of those movies?

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