Keshas idiocy is blinding

By brendon November 23, 2010 @ 6:18 PM


Normally we’re the ones who have to suffer because of Ke$has dumb outfits, but she was wearing some 3D glasses as she left Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and since the world is already 3D, that meant she couldn’t see anything and was stumbling around like an idiot.

She needs to realize that there are consequences to what you wear. I learned that the hard way when I accidentally stopped for a smoothie after a workout in the gay part of town, while still wearing my skimpy running shorts and a muscle shirt that clung to my Adonis-like frame. Much to my surprise, the way I eat bananas is apparently considered “hot”.

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    MrAdams 11/23/2010 18:19

    Well, I didn’t see that coming.

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    Woodsman 11/23/2010 18:25

    I am not seeing the posts or the pictures. WTF? Did someone answer my prayers?

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    andeem 11/23/2010 18:30

    WTF??!! Something going on with this site because I can’t see anything.

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    Chillmark 11/23/2010 18:32

    me either…just headlines, no content

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    Death to Finkle! 11/23/2010 18:35

    Can you see this picture, Woodsman?

  6. avatar
    rokan 11/23/2010 18:37

    any missing content can onlt be an improvement

  7. avatar
    rokan 11/23/2010 18:39

    fucking blackberry!

    “only” you homos!

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    i hate you 11/23/2010 18:41

    this site is broken and i am glad finkle’s link is too considering it had to do with beastiality of some sort.

    my brother saw kesha last night in LA and that makes him a moron.

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    drexyl 11/23/2010 18:42

    I think those dang woodchucks are chunking Brenden’s wood again.

  10. avatar
    i hate you 11/23/2010 18:43

    it’s like an rss feed – my income will triple now. thanks!

    i hate you

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    Geor 11/23/2010 18:44

    I don’t think it’s her idiocy!

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    smellsgreat 11/23/2010 18:56

    They finally got rid of Brendum…anything is better then his stupid unfunny comments……

  13. avatar
    smellsgreat 11/23/2010 18:59 like shoes..right?
    Try not to blow your load all at once…

  14. avatar
    Mr. Pickles 11/23/2010 18:59

    How does my pickle smell, SMELLSGREAT! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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    clownqueef 11/23/2010 19:02

    fuck! i need to know why Kesha’s idiocy is so blinding!! i wont be able to sleep tonight!! bredy, pleeeaaase fix your site!!

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    Death to Finkle! 11/23/2010 19:03

    There’s a Mexican store here that has some of their fancy going-out boots in the window. The sole sticks out about 3 inches farther than the toe. Never seen the crazy ones like that though, pep. That shit is insane.

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    SCUM 11/23/2010 19:05

    I’m with Comcast on this.

  18. avatar
    Death to Finkle! 11/23/2010 19:06

    I do wish Tech Biotch’s fine ass would poke her head in…

  19. avatar
    Zombie 11/23/2010 19:32

    I’d rather poke my head in Tech Biotch’s fine ass.

    Fuck you Finksy.

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    Cloak 11/23/2010 19:46

    Speaking of blinding idiocy…

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