Tom Cruise is a pro

By brendon November 02, 2010 @ 10:18 AM


Tom Cruise may be an easily bamboozled simpleton in his personal life, but when it comes to making movies, the guy is a pro. He’s well known to do many of his own stunts, and clearly his work in ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ won’t be any different. Proof: yesterday he ran along the side of the worlds tallest building, the Burj Kahlifa in Dubai, outside the 124th floor.

I don’t even like trying new foods I’m such a pussy, there’s no way I’d do this, even If I could literally fly and my body was composed entirely of replaceable robot parts.

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    pepper 11/02/2010 10:21

    Who cares ..he is with a fucking wire…..

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    NudeTwister 11/02/2010 10:24

    Demi Lovato checked herself into a treatment center to deal with “emotional and physical issues,” her representatives said in a statement Monday night A person familiar with the situation previously told The Associated Press that Lovato entered treatment for problems including an eating disorder and cutting herself. So, can we get some bikini pics up at once?

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    RemSteale 11/02/2010 10:28

    He may be a Scientology obsessed idiot with height issues, but damn the man takes his career seriously.

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    RemSteale 11/02/2010 10:29

    Wait, what, another Disney chick has gone nuts?

    Miley Cyrus, you’re up next……….

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    MrAdams 11/02/2010 10:32

    Charlie Sheen files for divorce. Details probably next.

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    RemSteale 11/02/2010 10:32

    Does that mean more Kate pictures?

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    MrAdams 11/02/2010 10:37

    I doubt it, but then again, I am a realist.

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    pump 11/02/2010 10:49

    There isn’t any other Kate pictures unfortunately. She simply stopped modeling.

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    rokan 11/02/2010 10:55

    Fuck Kate,

    Let’s see some pics of Demi Lavato taking a dump on a glass coffee table.

    Girls with eating disorders generally have interesting stool.

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    SomeoneluvsU 11/02/2010 10:56

    Meh…. what’s the big deal here?
    Tom is used to mounting large objects..

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    Crumb Crisp Coating 11/02/2010 10:56

    See he can’t be gay, gay guys don’t do that stuff, they just do each others hair and make movies that involve ridiculous totally hetro stunt work..

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    Tom Foolery 11/02/2010 11:03

    Gay or not, gotta give this guy credit. Putting your life on the line for a movie like this is pretty wild.

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    Observer 11/02/2010 11:08

    Brave enough to swing from a 124 story building……

    …but afraid to stick his dick in a pussy….and cure himself??


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    clownqueef 11/02/2010 11:09

    Cruise probably just thinks the building is Xenu’s weiner and wants to pleasure it any way possible.

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    zamboknee 11/02/2010 11:14

    Was Travolta on the ground, pants down, ass in the air, waiting for the wire to break?

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    NudeTwister 11/02/2010 11:25

    Rokan’s got a great idea…

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    rokan 11/02/2010 11:32


    Thank you. I get so little recognition here. I know you all want to see her squeeze out a steamer.

    I bet she really has a look of relief on her face after pushing out a loaf.

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    NudeTwister 11/02/2010 11:43

    Especially considering she is probably backed up for so long, you could tell what she had for dinner a month ago…

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    Watt 11/02/2010 11:48

    Dick mitten

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    RemSteale 11/02/2010 11:59

    New up

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