aww to hell with it

By brendon December 13, 2010 @ 5:29 PM


Look, you don’t wanna see Kesha getting her box munched and I dont wanna post it, but this is the internet, and stuff like this is pretty much all it’s good for. So here we are. The pic is under the cut. You ready? Once more unto the breach, dear friends. Once more.

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    Joust 12/13/2010 17:31

    Which one is Kesha?

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    butter in ass 12/13/2010 17:31

    I hear the crunching of the the crabs

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    SCUM 12/13/2010 17:32

    Soft or hard shell Pepper?

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    butter in ass 12/13/2010 17:33


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    Joust 12/13/2010 17:34

    Is that a 19 inch tube television in the background? Brokeass motherfucker, I donated mine to charity four years ago.

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    Watt 12/13/2010 17:37


    so what’s the angle on this? I’ve never seen a woman naked. It’s all been in the dark.

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    rokan 12/13/2010 17:41

    10 bucks says his tongue is in her ass.

    Its probably cleaner than her clam.

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    Terrence Maddox 12/13/2010 17:42

    As godawful as she has looked in every other picture, I give her credit, she shaved it up pretty nice. I would have figured that she’d have it as sloppy as her flabby ass.

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    Watt 12/13/2010 17:43

    I can’t tell if that’s her back. I think you’re right roke. Bitch is getting her rusty sheriffs badge spit shined

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    Observer 12/13/2010 17:44

    Do you guys with beards mind a 70s style hairy clam?

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    rokan 12/13/2010 17:44


    Its a salad tossing to be sure.

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    Joust 12/13/2010 17:45

    of course it is rokan… of course.

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    Observer 12/13/2010 17:45

    From the stories I’ve been told…..

    ….that DOES resemble a mons veneris……

    …but to ME….it might as well be a Griffin….

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    Watt 12/13/2010 17:45

    It’s been a while. Plus not sure I’ve seen it from that angle too often.

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    asiegel674 12/13/2010 17:49

    I hope you get dick cancer you selfish son of a bitch

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    andeem 12/13/2010 17:50


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    butter in ass 12/13/2010 17:52

    That’s her front you fucking shit heads…and no..he is not tossing her salad……….
    Am I the only professional here?

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    rokan 12/13/2010 17:57

    I think I smell a, “bromance!”

    of course it is rokan… of course.

    work you say, ihy? lololol don’t be silly. if I had a job I wouldn’t have time to be here all day chatting with my make-believe friends and telling tall tales about how often I travel.

    12/13/2010 16:25Katy Perry: camel toe or shadow?
    I’m sure Katy Perry will read this thread and say “You know, Dark Cherry you’re right! Thanx girl!”

    12/13/2010 16:09Katy Perry: camel toe or shadow?
    HLS, thank you for acknowledging my fabricated fascination with feces. Blumpkin.

    12/13/2010 16:06Katy Perry: camel toe or shadow?
    I’d like to put on a pair of rubber gloves and take a good look at one of her steaming turds. No not really, I just find it amusing to repeat ridiculous nonsense like that everyday because I’m too god

    12/13/2010 14:30Olivia Wilde at the Tron premiere
    no rokan… it just makes you a boorish, annoying, and ignorant piece of shit.

    12/07/2010 15:08Jessica Simpson sold $750,000,000 in clothes
    i take it that’s a yes.

    12/07/2010 15:03Jessica Simpson sold $750,000,000 in clothes
    butter in ass, when dark cherry, minimosh, and everyone else have fled the comment section once and for all… will you still be coming by to read rokan’s daily dose of senseless dookie remarks? th

    12/07/2010 14:50Kim Kardashian has been brought back to life
    butter don’t be silly. he’s still here talking about his poop hole. like a fuckin android i tell ya.

    12/07/2010 14:44Kim Kardashian has been brought back to life
    pam he doesn’t ‘get to me’, i honestly feel sorry for the guy.. any middle-aged person who finds masquerading as a shit-obsessed star wars character online EVERY DAY has got some serious mental issues

    12/07/2010 14:31Kim Kardashian has been brought back to life
    if rokan wants to spend his entire life on this website, eh whatever, i guess it beats being in jail… but jesus somebody plz reprogram that fuckin android to say something new. the poop nonsense is

    12/07/2010 14:19Kim Kardashian has been brought back to life
    yeah rokan, you’re so busy writing endless stupid comments on durden. bet you need a day planner just to distinguish what time to write poop or blumpkin.

    12/07/2010 13:48Kim Kardashian has been brought back to life
    rokan just give it a rest dude

    12/01/2010 04:25Gisele Bundchen is not shy
    Nobody cares about you Pam. Contribute something to the thread or leave. You are by far the most obvious phony that has passed through here in a while. “Hey look at my pic, look at my Facebook.” Get t

    12/01/2010 03:55Gisele Bundchen is not shy
    Pam and CB007 are obviously the same person. In order words, ahem, Pepper created a 157th account.

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    vladimir_v 12/13/2010 17:58

    That is a REALLY old TV.

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    Observer 12/13/2010 17:59


    ….did you go to “writer’s school” to create all these characters that you then have fights with..

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