Christina Aguilera has new leaked, sorta naked pictures

By brendon December 08, 2010 @ 11:56 AM


Christina Aguilera has a new movie, a new boyfriend, and a (pretty good) new song with T.I., but she still seems to be depressed lately and filled with self doubt. She needs to feel like a woman again, for the world to see her as a sex object again, so here are some new leaked candid pictures of her in some weird outfit where she’s pinching her nipples while 98 percent naked. You’re Welcome Christina!

(NOTE – its hard to know how old these are, but in the first 2 pics she’s in her outfit from the Not Myself Tonight video, which came out in April)


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    ohmwrecker 12/08/2010 11:59

    Sexy bruises!

  2. avatar
    One Puppet To Rule Them All 12/08/2010 12:05

    she looks like a drugged out crack whore in all of those pics.

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    DB's Treasure 12/08/2010 12:10

    Ya think whoever gets the chance to hollow this bitch’s vagrino out asks her to hit a high note during climax so they feel the quim’s edges vibrate on their dick?

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    butter in ass 12/08/2010 12:10

    So….she is nasty looking with out make up…

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    One Puppet To Rule Them All 12/08/2010 12:11

    these must be old pics, before the kid and the implants….and the fatness.

  6. avatar
    butter in ass 12/08/2010 12:12

    DTF is going to be in heaven….

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    Observer 12/08/2010 12:13

    This is a good look for her…….

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    Observer 12/08/2010 12:14

    Does she work in a shoe store?

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    Observer 12/08/2010 12:16

    Can anyone see the “leak” that was mentioned in the headline…..?

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    Gildorg 12/08/2010 12:19

    Yikes… If these are “new” pics, she has gone a little downhill…

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    Death to Finkle! 12/08/2010 12:20

    Finally! Some fap-worthy pics on this piece of shit site.

    If the nearly-naked blond whore would move out of the fuckin’ way so I could see…

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    Observer 12/08/2010 12:22


    ….fucking funny……

  13. avatar
    butter in ass 12/08/2010 12:25

    DTF is in Sole Heaven……

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    The Original Lo Rider 12/08/2010 12:26

    Without makeup she looks a little like a young and druggy Courtney Love. Bummer. I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  15. avatar
    rokan 12/08/2010 12:30

    So no one says Hi to DB anymore, Huh?
    Is that how it is?

    What’s up DB you old, deviant mother-fucker!

  16. avatar
    One Puppet To Rule Them All 12/08/2010 12:33

    I figured it was a puppet, He was paroled a while back, didn’t think it was him.

    Hello, and good afternoon good sir! Would you like to tell us about your poop?

  17. avatar
    Watt 12/08/2010 12:35

    Rokan you just want someone to talk poop with.

    I, for one, welcome her grumpy gash swallowing my irish pole

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    Tom Foolery 12/08/2010 12:36

    Thought her baby feeders were bigger, and a still not too bad (it’s hard for most to look good naked)for your every day chick but for a sex “icon” could be better. What up DB sorry couldn’t have a chick with some cushion for you to drop by on

  19. avatar
    Observer 12/08/2010 12:38

    DB’s Treasure is ALWAYS here……

    …he must be a Zombie Puppet….

  20. avatar
    rokan 12/08/2010 12:39

    Did you have a wet dream last night now that Jeter signed?

    One Puppet, from the last 20 comments, its him. Who would pretend to be DB anyway?

    Look, even ohmwrecker showed up today.

    I think I’m getting stiffy!

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