KIm Kardashian is dating some new guy


Kim Kardashian has of course been dating Halle Berrys ex Gabriel Aubry lately, even though she's obviously pregnant with Kanye Wests baby, but now she's reportedly ended things with Aubry and has moved on to some NBA player that I've never heard of because the NBA sucks.

Life and Style says...

"Kim feels like Gabriel was just using her for her fame," an insider close to Kim tells Life & Style. Plus, Gabriel, 34, "is older than Kim is looking for," says the insider. "So she's decided to stop seeing him." Kim's not wasting any time on regrets she has already started dating Kris Humphries, a 25-year-old basketball player for the New Jersey Nets. "Kim likes him much more than Gabriel," says the insider to Life & Style. "He's normal, so much fun and cute. He's perfect for what Kim wants right now, which is some fun dates and some fun times." And of course he's an athlete, continuing Kim's pattern of falling for jocks.

But the shocking twists and turns don't stop there, wait until you hear this: Kris Humphries is white. Bam! How you like that, black guys! This is perfect because the amount of white guys in the NBA and in Kim Kardashian are both now around 10 percent.

Not only is he white, he's from Minnesota. Which is as white as white people get. In their winter, which lasts from August until June, those people are so pale they're practically mirrors. You go to Mall of America in December and it's like walking around a fun house.

WELL HE LOOKS WHITE UPDATE - aww god dammit. so apparently his dad is black and his mom is white. which reminds me, if you meet a white girl with a baby and she tells you the father is black, they don't find it funny if you go, "oh my gosh, you were raped? did they catch the guy?" they dont think it's funny, at all, and your girlfriend will yell at you. just so you know.

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