Lindsay Lohan is naked (no not really)


There's a picture everywhere today (uncensored full size copy here), purportedly showing Lindsay Lohan topless in a promo for Inferno, a movie that never really existed but one that she got fired from anyway.

In reality, the picture shows Tamara Mellon, the millionaire founder of Jimmy Choo who was at one time attached to star in this pretend movie, and I guess that was enough for the hack director to make her pose for naked pictures. I guess that's his thing. He pretends to be a director and gets some sexy girl to take her clothes off. It's a pretty sleazy move, and any girl should run in this situation. Unless I'm the director, in which case relax baby. Look, I put out fresh fruit and everything, it's all very classy.

(NOTE - Tamara Mellon is also the girl who was on St Barts all last summer, on the island with her occasionally topless ladyfriends for some sun and a box lunch, if you catch my drift.)

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