Marisa Miller is naked

By brendon December 10, 2010 @ 4:23 PM


Marc Jacobs is one of the worlds most famous fashion designers, and he’s currently the Creative Director for Louis Vuitton, so it makes perfect sense that his new campaign would have Marisa Miller completely naked. Actually I guess it doesn’t. But it turns out I don’t give a fuck why she’s naked, as long as she is, so we’re good here.


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  1. butter in ass 12/10/2010 16:26

    CLEAN UP under my desk!!!

  2. Death to Finkle! 12/10/2010 16:28


  3. rokan 12/10/2010 16:30

    I’d like to have a three-way with her and the girl in pic#3

  4. Observer 12/10/2010 16:32

    I plan to begin advertising my self as a “model” photgrapher on Craig’s List……

    …as soon as I save up for a Kodak Disposable at CVS…..

    Rokan… well does that work?

    …and did you ever try it with female models?

  5. Zombie 12/10/2010 16:32

    More overrated than Brady’s wife. Yawn.

  6. Observer 12/10/2010 16:33

    I’ll bet she sucks at things that don’t really matter anyway….

  7. Death to Finkle! 12/10/2010 16:35

    How would you rate Randy Moss last night, Z?

  8. SCUM 12/10/2010 16:37

    Zombie 12/10/2010 16:32

    More overrated than Brady’s wife. Yawn.
    GOAT RULE # 437…..Zombie’s gay.

  9. Chicagoaniml 12/10/2010 16:42

    I don’t know….I still think Cher beats her too!

  10. butter in ass 12/10/2010 16:43

    so…any one has any predictions on the games?
    …..been waiting all week for that…..

  11. Death to Finkle! 12/10/2010 16:48

    Cher’s feet over Natalie Portman’s

    Scarlett Johansson’s over Keira Knightley’s

    Emma Watson’s over Uma Thurman’s

    Kelly Ripa’s over Kelly Rowland’s

    Kristen Bell’s over Kristen Stewart’s

    and locally, Dark Cherry’s over Dirty Diane’s

  12. Observer 12/10/2010 16:52


    … to speculate on Min-Gash’s peds?

  13. Observer 12/10/2010 16:53

    …and I should have added……

    …droll as ever…

  14. Slaappy 12/10/2010 16:57

    She could pluck my nutsack silver pubes all night long.

  15. bemo5584 12/10/2010 17:00

    Love her but I wouldn’t call these naked Marisa pics by any stretch of the imagination. Pull it together Brendan.

  16. Olaf Metal 12/10/2010 17:00

    High tops are so hot

  17. rokan 12/10/2010 17:00

    I’d eat lima beans ouit of her gash, and I hate lima beans

  18. Observer 12/10/2010 17:03


    …I would have sworn you were going to say you hate gash……

  19. Death to Finkle! 12/10/2010 17:04

    Obs, I seem to recall mini-mucil’s peds being rather cute. She put a pic of them up once early on, propped up by a little stream or creek or some shit.

    Of course, they probably have a tortilla aroma. Or some other maize-based commodity.

  20. Zombie 12/10/2010 17:09

    How would you rate Randy Moss last night, Z?


    In the game or the locker room shower afterwards?

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