Miley Cyrus is taking naked cell phone pictures again

By brendon December 02, 2010 @ 11:25 AM


I really need to move Tyler to one of those crooked island countries where you can, not only have a website with pictures of a naked 17 year old, but you could buy a naked 17 year old for a box of nails or a brita jug or something like that. Those countries have the right idea.

Point being, Miley Cyrus was in Europe last month for the MTV Awards, about 10 days before she turned 18, and she once again passed the time by taking naked pictures on her phone. I can’t post those of course, but I’m sure she’ll have more out soon. She doesn’t look that great, but it’s the novelty of it all. Like at the circus when they have a bear riding a bike. No one crosses their arms and says, “Eh, big deal, I could go faster than that.” They say, “Holy Shit that’s a god damn bear on a bike!”

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    MrAdams 12/02/2010 11:30

    That doesn’t look like her. Did she get her tattoo removed for the photo?

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    Mac-Daddy 12/02/2010 11:33


    Plus, he’s 18 now!

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    aaron7 12/02/2010 11:33

    uh… i vote fail on these. don’t think it’s her.

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    Mac-Daddy 12/02/2010 11:33


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    rokan 12/02/2010 11:34

    She was just trying to do the Heisman pose in a hotel bathroom.

    Nothing wrong with that.

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    Watt 12/02/2010 11:40

    No tat

    Plus billy ray isn’t there tapping that

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    RemSteale 12/02/2010 11:40

    And yet, no Anne Hathaway naked epics still, a girl we can appreciate without being filthy old perverts.

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    Watt 12/02/2010 11:43

    I’d so marry anne hathaway and provide for her.

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    RemSteale 12/02/2010 11:48

    That was rather sweet Watt, until I realised you didnt state what you wanted to provide

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    Tom Foolery 12/02/2010 11:49

    I would be down for any decent looking chick with a solid bank roll….so many broke roaches out here all with kids. Rem: I would buy Z a drink for sure for this scandal. Regardless you know you failed as a parent when little girl goes porn

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    Chicagoaniml 12/02/2010 11:51

    Can’t even see her face. Even If it was real, you can’t see her face!

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    Watt 12/02/2010 11:52

    Don’t shoot holes in my boat rem boobs, in motion

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    joarif 12/02/2010 11:54

    i cant wait to do some lines of coke off her hairless cunt

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    joarif 12/02/2010 11:55

    hey dumbfucks look at the european outlet on the wall……plus i hid my bong up her tight asshole

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    Zombie 12/02/2010 11:59

    Hate to burst your bubble but I’m not the Pam puppet. However I will take a Cowboy Killer, and make it extra strong.


    BTW Rem, please enlighten me on which girls I “scared off”. I can only think of 2 — Arkie and (P)rick. The fact that Diane and I have remained in touch after her departure rules her out, and I honestly can’t remember this place ever “buzzing” with chicks.

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    Death to Finkle! 12/02/2010 12:02

    Morning, ZombieGivesOrgasms.

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    Death to Finkle! 12/02/2010 12:03

    Don’t forget Cali… (for about 37 and a half hours.)

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    RemSteale 12/02/2010 12:03

    True it was never buzzing with chicks, but it wasnt the sausage fest it is these days.
    Prick was a bit of a girl though…..

    I’m pretty sure I recall you hounding the odd female and calling them attention whores.

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    RemSteale 12/02/2010 12:04

    Nah, Cali came back

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    Zombie 12/02/2010 12:04

    Morning, FinkleTheDead / DTF007.

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