Wesley Snipes goes to jail today

By brendon December 09, 2010 @ 1:58 PM


The picture in the headline shows the 70 foot cell where Wesley Snipes will spend the next 3 years for tax evasion (UHQ of the pic here), but he’s hopeful for a last second reprieve based on what seems to be a very obvious bias by the jury. CNN says…

One juror, Frank Tuttle, gave Larry King Live a written statement that three other jurors had made up their mind that Snipes was guilty before the trial began. The jury’s verdict was a compromise between those jurors who thought Snipes was guilty and those who didn’t, Tuttle said in the statement.
“That’s when a deal was made to find him guilty on the failure to file taxes and not guilty on the federal tax evasion charges,” Tuttle said in the statement. “We did not think he would go to jail.”
Snipes’ attorney, Daniel R. Meachum, said neither he nor Snipes had any involvement in preparing that juror’s statement to Larry King Live, saying the show’s producers obtained it on their own.
“We on the defense team never suggested that the media reach out to any of the jurors,” Meachum said.

Jesus Christ. Uhh, I’m not technically a lawyer (or am I…) but I’m pretty sure the jury isn’t supposed to make up their mind before the trial starts. Where was he tried, on a cotton plantation?

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    LingLing 12/09/2010 14:01

    Yeah, someone who made millions and didn’t pay taxes for a decade. I could see where there would be a lot of confusion as to whether or not he was guilty.

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    MrAdams 12/09/2010 14:06

    Of course he was guilty. He’s a negro. He’s probably been stealing since he could crawl.

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    i hate you 12/09/2010 14:15

    cotton plantation has great coffee and muffins.

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    Zombie 12/09/2010 14:19

    Where’s the toilet and the three seashells? Those swine are crazy if they think they can keep Simon Phoenix confined for 3 years. Better start thawing out John Spartan again.

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    Porchmonkey4life 12/09/2010 14:32

    It’s just going to be like one big family reunion for him. Brenda loves negroes! Remember him crying about lil’ Wayne?

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    rokan 12/09/2010 14:35

    New up- taint weeds

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    The Original Lo Rider 12/09/2010 15:15

    Since they don’t prosecute govt officials for not paying taxes, I kinda feel bad that they are putting Snipes in jail. Who’s gonna play “Blade” in the next 3 movies?

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    mercury 12/09/2010 16:06

    Sucks to be him.

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    skurvipyrate 12/09/2010 17:47

    Do the crime, do the time.

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    zencat002 12/10/2010 00:15

    Goodbye and good riddance, nagger. Hope you like anal rape. No, really, hope you do.

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    Spencer 12/10/2010 00:45

    wooow, all of u with the racist comments… “haters, gonna hate”

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    zencat002 12/10/2010 01:11

    Don’t hate the race, Spencer,. Hate the hubris.

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    dove 12/10/2010 14:42

    Wow, i can tell there are alot of undercover racist out there, or should i just say cowards. It easy to go on a blog and say these things because no one knows who you are. Would you ever call an African American a nigga to his face? Probably not, most would smile and pretend because what would there peers think, or better what would your boss say? Yeah Wesley Snipes is going to jail for not paying taxes but if you want to make it about race then why not talk about the countless white men in jail for the same crime. i can do u one better, Roman Polanski, this guy was involved in the rape and murder of a young women in the 70′s. Dude has been dodging that for over twenty years. But for some reason we still find a way to market his movies and even give him an award ever couple of years. So who is worse the Actor that didnt pay taxes or the director who allowed a girl to be raped and murder and has been running ever since? I Feel sorry for anyone who hates people because of race, you are so out of touch with todays world that it is sad. To be honest most African Americans dont spend there days thinking about white folks, we understand that history speaks for itself. It just good people and bad people.

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    seth747 12/13/2010 16:24

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    slowed 12/16/2010 14:45

    these racist comments should make you realize the country we live in has not really change all that much… a mans color is everything in America.. I thank God i can see beyond color… for all the racist whites when you see a black person .. be sure to call him nigga.. they like that..

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