BREAKING NEWS: Jennifer Aniston is complaining again

By brendon January 18, 2011 @ 2:21 PM


When Friends first went on the air, Jennifer Aniston looked like that (full pic here). And no one cared about her. Because she was ugly, and the least talented of the three female leads, by far.

Then she got that famous haircut, “The Rachel”, and it swept the country and everyone loved it and she was a star and the center of attention and suddenly people were saying she was pretty and she was dating Brad Pitt. That haircut literally changed her life, for the better, overnight.

OK, now try and guess if she’s grateful.

“Have there been disasters? I think that’s a very relative term with hair. Let’s say there have been moments I’d rather not relive, like that whole Rachel thing,” she tells Allure of the ‘Friends’ ‘do that started it all.
“I love Chris [McMillan, her hairstylist], and he’s the bane of my existence at the same time because he started that damn Rachel, which was not my best look. How do I say this? I think it was the ugliest haircut I’ve ever seen. What I really want to know is, how did that thing have legs? Let’s just say I’m not a fan of short, layered cuts on me personally, so I don’t love revisiting that particular era,” she adds.

God I hate this bitch. In a figurative sense, her pissy attitude casts an ugly shadow over everything she does. In a literal sense, it’s her chin that does that.

(NOTE: if you run an image search on “the rachel haircut”, you get an old picture of Rachel Nichols and her big boobs in a bikini, so here they are so Aniston will stop fuggin up my sexy website)

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    Death to Finkle! 01/18/2011 14:31


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    rokan 01/18/2011 14:36

    Slow day at the office, Finks?

    Did you hear we lost Mikey and Pepper to Dlisted?

  3. avatar
    Death to Finkle! 01/18/2011 14:39

    That’s funny, rokan. Seriously.

    So, Pepper is now margo?

    Am I the only one who saved the pantyless picture taken on the upper west side or east side or where the hell ever? Greenwich Village or some shit…

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    SCUM 01/18/2011 14:41

    I never paid attention to her hair, it was all about the nipples.

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    Joust 01/18/2011 14:51

    finkle is correct… on the day when armageddon finally arrives and the entire world is exterminated, rokan and pepper will be slunched over their keyboards in mid-sentence of typing a comment on wwtdd.

    rokan once made a wish with a broken eyelash that there will be a wwtdd site in the afterlife.

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    Observer 01/18/2011 14:52

    Panty-less pictures should REALLY be stored here:

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    Observer 01/18/2011 14:54

    I keep going over to D-listed…..

    ….but almost everything is spelled correctly……

    WHERE the fuck is Pepper?

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    rokan 01/18/2011 14:55

    I saved Smacko’s pic of his cousin’s tits, and I have one of Cali in the shower.
    That is about the extent of my Durden files.

  9. avatar
    rokan 01/18/2011 14:57

    I don’t know what he posts under over there. Mikey just told them about his dog’s itchy ass.

    He seems to really be making friends

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    SCUM 01/18/2011 14:57

    I have lot’s of pics saved.

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    Smacko 01/18/2011 15:01

    She also sent me one of her fat twat shaved in the shape of a diamond.
    I’ll see if I can find it.

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    mikey the retard 01/18/2011 15:04

    i an nakid new threds today with tetter and the game and hose sho on the ladle in ny pener

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    Admiral 01/18/2011 15:06

    I only saw two episodes of friends and I honestly couldn’t tell you if any of them even had any hair.

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    Observer 01/18/2011 15:08

    I really should have a copy of Cali in the shower…..

    …for safe-keeping and all……

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    i hate you 01/18/2011 15:09

    mikey: your pener is in a ladle? gsus. you should give out $5 handjobs. it could really boost your confidence.

  16. avatar
    Joust 01/18/2011 15:09

    lolololol observer and rokan cant bare to be away from peabrain pepper so they follow him around on other sites… quite possibly the most worthless trio of human beings ever lolololol

  17. avatar
    rokan 01/18/2011 15:11

    My take is that he is making new friends with Pepper, playing horseshoes and got his penis caught on a ladder.

    Changing lightbulbs in the nude again, Mikey?

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    mikey the retard 01/18/2011 15:14

    mr joust told me he will teech me how to sored fite for nine dollers

  19. avatar
    Reeses Feces 01/18/2011 15:16

    FUCK! I end up reading Mikey’s posts multiple times to draw some sense or conclusion out of it. It’s all retard dribble.. I wonder if he’ll put out a book of memoirs..

  20. avatar
    rokan 01/18/2011 15:17

    See hate?

    Mikey doesn’t need to give $5 hand-jobs, he’s getting $9 for rubbing dick with Joust.

    That’s called initiative.

    Get it up front, Mikey.

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